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Bring a little of your team to your home with Great Big Logo

For that "Super Fan" on your list that has everything, there is a company called "Great Big Logo" that will bring something unique to your front or backyard.

The sight of your favorite team's logo on your lawn is sure to get some second looks.

For less than $100, you get everything necessary to plaster your team's logo for all to see.

What you get:

Included: Patented Great Big Logo lawn stencil, eco friendly spray paint in your team's colors, stakes, and easy to follow instructions.

At Great Big Logo, we are fans just like you. In fact, the idea for Great Big Logo came from one of the founders who is a long time fan of his college alma mater. To bring a little of his favorite team to his home, he had the idea to create a giant stencil and paint a huge logo on his front lawn. From there, a company was born.

Logo sizes are 4'x10', 7'x'7 and around 9'x7'.

Paint a logo on your lawn with friends and family in just minutes. It's a blast! It;s the perfect centerpiece of and party, barbecue, or tailgate and the reusable stencil allows you to paint your team’s logo for every big game!

Hey most every guy has a man cave, but how many of your buds have a team's logo on full display on your perfectly manicured lawn. You might be "that guy", but who cares this is beyond cool. If you live in a planned community or a development with covenants, check ahead of time to see if this is allowed in your bylaws- especially when it comes to your front yard.

More and more logos available all the time. Order your kit here.

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