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Black Friday apps take center stage

Black Friday is just days away, meaning that the kickoff for the holiday shopping season is just on the horizon. Coupons, deals, and sales ads being provided by stores all around can be overwhelming and difficult to maneuver through. Different stores can and will try to offer the better deal whether it be a lower price or store credit/coupons that come along with your purchase. Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s and so many more stores have opportunities lined up when looking for tablets, clothing, computer and anything else you seek to have. Apps are available to use for receiving alerts on deals, price comparisons, and budgeting purposes that will assist you not only with planning but also saving money.

DealNews (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

The DealNews App is one choice for those looking for today’s best deals whether it be discounts, sales, or coupons. Their team of deal experts analyzes thousands of deals, then publishes the 300 best deals, coupons, and freebies to the app. Keywords, categories, brands, stores, or any combinations can be better found through their search options. The “Save for Later” function allows the user to avoid the hassle of making a purchase from your phone by saving the deals you find on the app. The share option can send relevant deals to family, friends, coworkers via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Online and in-store coupons by retailers can be found and the “clipping” feature allows for easy use at a store’s online checkout.

Black Friday 2016 Slickdeals (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

The Black Friday 2016 Slickdeals app allows one to get the latest Black Friday ads and doorbuster deals. Black Friday ads, deals, coupons, frontpage doorbusters, ad scans, final markdowns,promo codes, and freebies are organized in this app in order to find what you are looking for faster and easier. You are able to search by product, store, or category and compare thousands of marked down deals with trending deals. The app also allows one to plan ahead with a shopping list that groups deals by store and even helps you budget with a calculator for each store.

Flipp (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

Flipp is an essential app for your weekly shopping and for Black Friday by searching all the ads to find the best deals. One can search flyer deals and coupons by item, brand, or category to quickly find the best deals on your weekly essentials and making saving money simpler. Flipp’s ultimate shopping list allows one to plan ahead when looking for items on sale and staying organized when one is in-store. Loyalty cards from one’s favorite stores can be added to Flipp and coupon deals can be clipped for instant savings at checkout.

Shopular (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

Shopular is a coupon app that provides the best coupons, sales, and just added Black Friday 2016 ads to the list that you can use right from your phone. The app will have sales opportunities, such as coupons and deals, pop up automatically on your phone upon arrival of a mall. It allows one to be prepared to shop with a coupon or deal immediately while experiencing almost no impact on your battery life. Shopular covers sales for over 1000 malls, including large outlet malls, across the United States. An opportunity to earn up to 25% cash back is available when you use the app to shop online.

Shopkick (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

Shopkick allows users to get the latest news on coupons, sales, and discounts to save one more money. The app also allows for an opportunity of being rewarded with free gift cards for shopping as you usually would. You earn points referred to as “kicks” by making purchases with your linked credit card and scanning featured items in-store, the kicks can then be redeemed for free gift cards of your choice.

Black Friday 2016 Ads App (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

The Black Friday 2016 Ads App provides access to the best deals on electronics, tech accessories, home goods, and more for one of the most anticipated sales event of the year. Notifications of breaking news and leaked Black Friday ads will arrive in realt time. The information to look over discounted products and prices, plus limited-quantity doorbusters. The app allows you to save your favorite products to your wish list for reference when looking at the assortment of deals and stores alike.

Black Friday Shopping (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes), being well known for providing information on Black Friday ads and deals, has created the Black Friday Shopping app. The latest ads will be seen on your mobile device as soon as they break. One is also able to save deals to their Wishlist and if you are tracking an item on your wishlist the lowest prices will present themselves through the arising seasonal deals.

Mint (Available on Google Play Market and iTunes)

Mint is an app that helps the user manage and budget your money in order to spend smarter, track your savings, and get more out of your finances. The app will provide expert advice on budgeting and distributing your paychecks into your bank accounts. Charts and graphs show you where you are spending your money, it also creates a budget so you can save even more money. Personal finance accounts such as checking, savings, 401k, and credit cards can be seen and tracked all in one place. The app also keep your bills tracked and the bill reminders will help you never miss a payment.

A couple other apps to keep handy this week for Black Friday include Waze (traffic issues), Amazon (for price comparison) and Spotify for easy listening and relaxing music.

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