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Draw circuits with Circuit Scribe

If you have a child or children that have an inquisitive mind and love to build things and explore, Circuit Scribe might be the perfect holiday gift.

Circuit Scribe sets are part learning tool, part game, part high tech toy that kids of all ages will enjoy.

The idea for Circuit Scribe was born out of conductive ink research in a PhD lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The inspiration behind putting the ink into a rollerball pen stemmed from the founder’s passion for exploring ways to seamlessly integrate electronics with everyday materials. Circuit Scribe was funded on Kickstarter at the close of 2013, shipped Kickstarter orders in 2014, started its own webstore in 2015 and has a growing distribution across the US and internationally. We continue to create content for our Circuit Scribe kits and are developing exciting new kits to release in 2017.

Anyone that sees Circuit Scribe is amazed.

It will even soon be featured on the TV series, Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., airing first quarter 2017 via Discovery Channel. Dates and show times TBA.

The show will also educate on Electroninks’ magnetic components that snap right into the circuits, with no gluing or soldering needed.

“Our Circuit Scribe pen allows users to create circuits the same way they write their name or draw a picture; when combined with our simple, yet indestructible, magnetic modules circuit education is fun and even creative!” says Director of Sales & Marketing, Stephanie Page. “We’re so excited and proud that our conductive ink pen and kits will be featured on Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.”

The incredible technology here features a pen with sliver ink that allows conductivity.

“As the world’s first ballpoint pen that draws that draws circuits directly on paper, spectators will be amazed at the ink’s ability to dry instantly, enabling users to create low cost, high quality electronics immediately,” said Seth Michaels, Producer for the Innovations series. This plug and play device has the potential to revolutionize the way circuits are taught in school. We look forward to exploring this technology on our show.” Circuit Scribe can write on anything that a typical rollerball pen can. Printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper all work. Families have fun experimenting with different mediums! Based on anecdotes from Circuit Scribe scientists, photo paper performs the best because the ink is able to form a continuous film on the smooth surface. The Maker Kit ($79.99) is the gold standard to appreciate the magic of electronics. And parents, please note this is not just for geeks!

The maker culture – learning-through-doing such as robotics, electronics and traditional metalworking or woodworking – is a hot topic in school hallways. Kids who classify as makers encompass every letter of STEM and STEAM and even STREAM learning! From hackers to DIYers, it’s a national passion. The company also makes a Basic Kit and an Ultimate Kit, and will introduce its pocket-sized $9.99 Mini Kit, perfect for stocking stuffers or a Hanukkah gift, later this month.

Affordability is a key component to the team behind Circuit Scribe. “Our kits are an inexpensive and intuitive way to turn traditional circuit diagrams into real functioning circuits,” explains Analisa Russo, PhD and co-founder of the young company. “Best of all, the pen and components have applications in STEM education, electronic art, and circuit prototyping. It’s very attractive to kids and parents love how easily their children master electronics.”

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