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AT&T debuts 'Stream Saver'

Starting in early 2017, AT&T start offering a free and convenient, data-saving feature to customers on our most popular plans with data (including AT&T GoPhone) – no extra steps for customers required.

With the new AT&T Stream Saver, your data goes further and gives you more control. Plus, it’s free and once activated by AT&T, it’s easy to turn off or back on at any time. Stream Saver makes it easy to watch more video on your wireless phone or tablet while using less data, by streaming most higher definition video at standard definition quality, similar to DVD (about 480p). Stream Saver helps your data go further. Imagine more emailing, surfing, shopping, navigating, listening to music, and of course, more video. The best part: it’s your choice. You can still stream video in higher resolution, when available, whenever you choose. You control Stream Saver and can turn it off or back on for any qualified line at any time at myAT&T or Premier for business customers. There is no charge to disable or enable Stream Saver.

“We know our customers love to be entertained while mobile, and Stream Saver lets them enjoy more of what they love, whether it's video or something else,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Entertainment Group. “And, they are in control - it's their choice on how to use this innovative feature.” Once Stream Saver is available, AT&T will send you a message letting you know it is on and will include directions about how to turn it off and back on.

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