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POWERARCH is the perfect solution to improving dribbling skills for all levels of basketball

Dribble penetration is your best weapon against zone – Bob Knight I think that everyone should be able to dribble. Everyone should be able to pass. Otherwise, why are you out there? -- Oscar Robertson The basics of basketball can be summed up in two words: dribble and shoot. For decades there were all sorts of "shot doctors' and ways to improve your shot. The advent of the three-point shot made an entire generation of basketball player work on their jump shot inside and of course, outside the three-point arch. True students of the game know that it's the dribble that can help shooters get these shots off- it's kind of the like the chicken and the egg, what came first, well in this case, it's the dribble. So I was excited to see and try the POWERARCH, the latest product from the POWERHANDZ line. The POWERARCH is a small arch that can sit on the court, your driveway, basement or anywhere to work on your dribbling skills.

It's harder than it looks, so don't get discouraged. What POWERARCH does is force you to stay low when dribbling. It's not only good for muscle memory, it helps build hand-eye coordination, strengthens your back muscles and core, while improving your dribbling skills. This is also a tool that could be used in the rehab process from an injury and improve one's balance in cross training for another sport.

It can be used for footwork agility drills, perfecting the crossover dribble or even a way of teaching dribbling to young kids. It's light weight makes it easy to carry and transport. Ask any coach, keeping that dribble low is vital to individual and team success. The POWERARCH is also the ideal device for "big men" to use to get comfortable with the dribble.

The POWERARCH is available here, for the unreal price of $24.99. Buy two, three or four and set up your own dribbling obstacle course.

The POWERARCH is my favorite basketball training aid of 2016, and even the best basketball players and coaches in the world know that dribble is the most basic skill in basketball. It was in the 40s and 50s and it still is today. Your touch and your feel for the game is pretty much gone if you don't work on it - at least get some shots up or dribble the ball. -- Stephen Curry

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