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DISH is first Pay-TV provider to offer NBA 'Team Pass'

The start of the NBA season brings something new from DISH. DISH is the first pay-TV provider to launch NBA TEAM PASS, allowing NBA fans that are customers, a chance to access a single team’s live, out-of-market games throughout the regular season for $119. It doesn't matter where you live, you will be able to see all the dunks, three-point shots and buzzer beaters with DISH.

DISH will continue to offer NBA LEAGUE PASS, the sport’s full season package, for $199 with up to 40 live out-of-market games from around the league every week and on demand coverage.

“As the NBA laces up for a new season, DISH is giving customers the choice of following the entire league or picking their favorite team,” said Josh Clark, vice president of Programming for DISH. “Now an NBA fan on the East Coast who wants to follow just their favorite West Coast team can opt for NBA TEAM PASS.”

Starting NBA Opening Night on October 25 through November 1, DISH will unlock NBA LEAGUE PASS to all customers in free preview so that NBA fans can get a jumpstart on watching their favorite team or the whole league.

DISH customers may purchase NBA TEAM PASS or NBA LEAGUE PASS for the 2016-2017 season by calling 1-877-DISH PPV (347-4778). Customers have the option to pay for NBA TEAM PASS in four installments of $29.75 or NBA LEAGUE PASS in four installments of $49.75.

NBA TEAM PASS and NBA LEAGUE PASS provide customers with access to regular season, out-of-market games only. Games watched on DISH will be subject to local blackouts depending on the customer’s location.

See more about DISH here.


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