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Shed 'NewLight' on your pictures

Photography has given us the opportunity to take a picture of a moment, place, or person that holds so much more meaning beyond the image itself. The scenery of a breathtaking landscape, the contagious smile of your first born, the people nearest and dearest to you, and anything else you choose to have. A snapshot of a moment holds a story, a meaning, and so many more feelings than can be put into words. Photography has grown from pointing a camera, taking a shot and hoping for the best with the photo as we have digital screens, filters, and editing tools to make photos look great in seconds. The photos we have at home in frames lack something though, which is what NewLight Portraits™ set out to improve.

NewLight, founded by Joe Brychell, as he thought the traditional old school track lighting did family portraits any justice. He began working on a concept of lighting photographs and signage from the edge instead of the front, and after 200 prototypes and hours upon hours of work came his patented technique. He came up with a way to manipulate modern LED light to evenly distribute and highlight the focal point of photograph from the backside. The patented technology which is NewLight uses LEDs to enhance those framed photos, logos, or signs by making colors pop, details more vivid and lifelike, and impactful. The NewLight Portraits are fully functional and self-contained units that are approximately 5/16 of an inch thick and can be framed or hung on any wall as is. When the unit is turned off it looks like a regular photograph, but when it is turned on it illuminates the image from within making it crisp, vivid, and lifelike. Family photos, business logos, landscape pictures,and any other captured image will have the true colors, depth, and details brought out through NewLight Portraits™.

CEO Joe Brychell and the NewLight team are driven to work very hard to give customers the best product possible and finds pride in providing it. My. Brychell states, “It gives me such joy to know that our customers proudly hang our products in their homes, offices, and place of business to show off what is really important to them. NewLight Portraits are extremely efficient and need to be plugged into an outlet, they end up consuming less power than other lights sources only using between 12-30 watts. They are available in print sizes ranging from 8x10 to 26x36 for portrait or landscape orientations. The portrait itself includes an electric plug, approximately 6 feet of cord, switch and if needed additional extension cords. People have chosen to run the cord behind the wall to the portrait to hide the cord from view. NewLight’s LED’s are rated for 100,000 hours, meaning that it can provide over 10 years of continuous light output if you leave it on all day through every day of those 10 years. One can also purchase the Lifetime Replacement Insurance for $150 and they will replace your NewLight Portrait with a new one at the end of it’s service life. The prices of the illuminated portraits vary on size but whether the orientation is portrait or landscape if it is the same size it is the same price.

They are available to be purchased on the NewLight Website with prices starting at...

  1. 11 x 14 Portrait or Landscape: $200.00

  2. 14 x 18 Portrait or Landscape: $250.00

  3. 14 x 20 Portrait or Landscape: $300.00

  4. 16 x 20 Portrait or Landscape: $325.00

  5. 16 x 24 Portrait or Landscape: $350.00

  6. 18 x 24 Portrait or Landscape: $375.00

  7. 20 x 24 Portrait or Landscape: $400.00

  8. 24 x 30 Portrait or Landscape: $450.00

  9. 24 x 36 Portrait or Landscape: $550.00

If you want to go beyond the usual flat bland snapshot beyond some the current photos you have look towards getting a NewLight Portrait. Even if a print is dark and details are lost, the LED technology illumination can infuse life and brilliance into any photograph. NewLight will make one’s prints more vivid, lifelike, impactful and have the captured moment seem infused with reality.


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