An email from a CEO

I get dozens of email pitches from emerging and established tech companies each and every day, but very rarely do I get a personal email from the CEO of any company.

So when I received these two paragraphs from, Ehsan Saeedi, CEO of Gate, I was impressed and had to reply back.

My name is Ehsan Saeedi – I'm the CEO of Gate, the just-announced camera equipped smart lock. I wanted to personally reach out to put our technology on your radar. Unlike the current state of basic smart lock technology, Gate is the first all-in-one solution to home access. With Gate, you can see who is at your door through a motion-activated camera. You can also talk to the person at the door and remotely lock/unlock it through your mobile phone. "I want to make sure the intention of the product is there," Saeedi told me in a follow up phone call. "On Indiegogo, people just see the product. I want customers to know this is a special experience with all the features (we have) listed."

Saeedi spent just over 10 minutes on the phone with me explaining his product.

"Gate combines the latest and greatest innovations in security cameras with all of the convenience of smart locks. The combined system packs a camera, keypad and WiFi connectivity into a simple and clean package to help you better manage visitors and deliveries remotely."

Gate's product is currently available through an Indiegogo campaign here.

"The Gate Smart Lock replaces the deadbolt and has a motion activated camera so you can see in real-time who is at your door," adds Saeedi. "Users can also give special codes to a dog walker or cleaning person. A UPS delivery person can receive a one-time code and since the camera is motion-activated, it records everything as they come and go."

This would also be ideal for AirBnB property owners.

Right now it's "early bird special' time.

Early Bird Special! 30% OFF Get Early Bird Special Pricing for Gate and save $90 (30%) off the $299 Retail Price. Comes with rechargeable battery and micro USB charging cable. All VAT fees paid by backer. Worldwide shipping available. Shipping is calculated at the checkout. Prices will go up! Saeddi adds, "The goal here is to try to make something simple for everyone. Give people control of their doors and their lives."

Once again the page where you can learn more and purchase is: