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LyfieEye 360 Android device camera Kickstarter is underway

Forget the "selfie" as we know it today and consider getting a real video camcorder that plugs directly into your Android device. It's all part of a Kickstarter campaign that is underway. It's a chance to see and record the experiences as they were unfolding all around you? It's LyfieEye, the first truly affordable camcorder that plugs straight into your Android Phone to allow you to preview, record and playback live-like spherical 360 degree videos and photos. All from an object no larger than a small ping pong ball.

LyfieEye can be used on Android smartphones by running the supporting app, LyfieView™. The easy to use and elegant UI allows users to capture spherical 360º content using their LyfieEye, and experience spherical 360º video first-hand. Viewers can now see beyond what their viewfinders are aimed at and experience immersive, spherical 360º content on their smartphones.

At first glance, you kind of give the LyfieEye a second glance wondering how it will work. It turns out, it's all pretty simple. It plugs in and starts working. A two-lens design helps capture two 180-degree videos and combine them together in real-time.

It also syncs flawlessly to any VR headset without any technical lag. Preview, record, and share the entire moment. Battery drain isn't too bad, I've had worthless apps drain my phone's batter at a quicker rate. The interface works well and if you ever used any other action camera, you can easily use the LyfieEye, but get even cooler results. Choose from two colors and start recording your life.

The Kickstarter campaign has launched and allows early supporters and fans to purchase LyfieEye for $119.00 (as opposed to the actual retail price of $149.00). However, the first hundred backers will be able to get it for a further reduced price of $109.00. The product, expected to be delivered to backers by end November of 2016 through to the end of the year, will be publicly available (for non backers) in retail stores by early 2017.


Compatibility with Android OS 5.0 or higher. *if you are running an older version of Android on your smartphone, please get in touch with us so we can test it's compatibility with our hardware and software Recording videos at up to 30 frames per seconds Support for Gyro and Cardboard mode to view the videos in VR A light small form factor and can easily fit in a pocket. Support for USB 2.0, 3.0 and Type-C interfaces Seamless built-in video stitching that happens automatically Support for multiple video length durations (playback performance may be affected by length of video, and your phone’s CPU speed and available memory) Efficiency in intelligently using the phone's battery and processing system, without depleting the phone of its battery Again here is the link to the Kickstarter page:

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