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Never forget your cables and charger with SKROSS

A charger is the lifeline for your phone, it is the essential piece necessary to keep your phone going. The phone charger is also something that tends to be overlooked or forgotten when someone is in a rush and gathering their things together. You may have been charging your phone at a friend’s house and once you unplug your phone, unless you pack the charger with the rest of your gear then and there you may be somebody who forgets about it. The mobile traveler, businessman, or active person is always juggling multiple tasks at once and sometimes a reminder is needed to remember things. A Swiss company called SKROSS has been a market leader for many years in providing innovative solutions for mobile travelers, and has a product to help remind you of your charger.

In 2002, SKROSS invented and patented the first all-in-one world adapter with country slider system. See how the World Adapter Classic became a worldwide bestseller, and from that point has been a growing company. Today, SKROSS® operates in over 100 countries around the world, successfully positioning itself as the market leader in the field of high-quality travel accessories. The company sets out to be the global market leader for high-quality travel adapters, as well as use their boundless power of innovation to develop new products. The ranger of products they have available today now include the world travel adapters with and without USB charging capabilities, USB chargers and batteries, and charge and sync cables for today’s modern traveler. SKROSS has a product that has recently been released to remind you about your cable and charger along with protection against theft is the BUZZ Alarm Cable Micro USB.

The BUZZ Micro USB Alarm Cable is a charge and sync alarm cable with theft protection and reminder function. The alarm cable charges and synchronizes smartphones and tablets with Micro USB ports alike whether it be an Android phone, eBook reader, game controllers, and many more. The technical specifications include an input voltage of 5V, output voltage of 5V, output current with max of 2.1 A, the USB cable is 34 grams, and the cable length is 1 meter. The cable itself is meant to both remind you about your cable and protect against attempts of theft. The way it does this is that an alarm signal tone goes off as soon as the USB device is disconnected from the cable. You will hear the tone off whether you take it off or someone else is attempting to take the cable and will also remind you to not leave it behind wherever you have used it. Once the alarm goes off you have the choice of turning it off through pressing the “snooze” button on it or disconnecting the other end of the cable as well.

The BUZZ Micro USB Alarm Cable will not be left behind at home, at a friend’s house, or hotel socket. You will no longer need to nervously watch over and worry your charging smartphone in public areas. The alarm signal tone that goes off when the device is disconnected from the cable alerts you, hence the device is theft-protected and a good reminder to not forget it. The SKROSS BUZZ Micro USB Alarm Cable is currently on sale on for $24.99. The BUZZ Alarm Cable is also available in other models whether it be the Apple certified Lightning connector or the 2 in 1 Micro USB and Lightning Connector cable. You can find security and comfort through the use of a SKROSS Charge and Sync Alarm Cable for those hectic days when you need a friendly reminder or warning. Order on Amazon here.

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