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17 Apple Watch tips and tricks

Many people believe that Apple watch is a feature-free gadget and it cannot perform multiple functions. Yet others believe that there is as much about its software as there is to IOS. There is a great amount of potential in the Apple watch and there are plenty of little optimizations and features which go unnoticed. Here is a list of 17 useful tips and tricks that will help you get most from your Apple watch

1. Alter the app screen layout to make it less fiddly

You can make the Apple watch more beautiful by customizing its app screen. The sort of app-honeycomb appears in the menu which looks quite interesting. You can notice the watch placed in the middle of the apps. You can also switch the position of many apps.

You can do all this on the Apple’s Watch app. All you need to do is click a top entry on the My Watch tab and then you can drag and drop the apps the way you like.

2. Take screenshots just like an iPhone

You can take interesting snapshots exactly the way you do on the i-phone. All you have to do is press the power button and crown at the same time. The screen will flash and give you a confirmation that a photo is taken and is saved in the photos app. By this feature, you can capture many interesting snapshots like those of your high score in any Apple watch games.

3. The Apple Watch lets you get ahead of time

If you are among those persons who want to remain ahead of time and for this purpose they set the time on their watch accordingly – that is to say few minutes ahead. Apple watch provides you such option. You can change the time and set it 59 minutes ahead.

4. Customize your template messages

Although it seems silly to type long messages on your Apple watch or to dictate a full message to Siri, but you can still type templates in your Apple watch like OMG, LOL etc. you can establish all the Default Replies in the Watch i-phone app.

5. Customize the watch face

Customizing your watch face is probably one of the easiest things to do on Apple’s watch without any accessories. In fact, there are many faces pre-installed. All you have to do is choose among many by clicking on the Apple Watch face.

6. Measure your heart rate without using an app

You can measure your heart rate without using an app – yes, that’s true. All you have to do is swipe up from the watch face and keep on moving items from right to left until you see the heart rate reader screen. Simply tap the screen and watch your heartbeat calculated in front of you.

7. Use Apple Pay to buy things in the US and the UK

You must be aware that Apple pay is available in countries like UK and USA. You can set Apple pay on the i-phone and then you can pay anywhere using your Apple watch. Sometimes you can even replace your Oyster card with it.

8. Track your runs and rides

The Apple watch doesn’t contain any GPS in it. If you want to use it as a GPS or tracker, you must connect your phone to it. You can simply install an app on the watch and connect your phone with it and here you go. You can access every route on your watch.

9. Multitask and quick-loading apps

Most people use one or two apps more frequently than others. If you are using Apple watch you don’t need to go to the app menu every time you want to run an app. All you need to do is simply pressing of a button. By double-tapping the crown you can run the app last time you used. You can use the same gesture to switch between the two apps.

10. Customize notifications

There is no need to see all the unnecessary notifications on your Apple Watch. Just establish the preference and you will see only those notifications on your Apple watch that you think are necessary. You can customize this feature in the Watch app.

11. Transfer music to your Watch

Most people don’t even know they can play many tracks on their Apple watch. You can use up to 2GB for music in your Apple watch. You can attach a pair of Bluetooth devices and listen to music with comfort. You can transfer tunes to your watch by simple synchronization. But the tunes must be the part of playlist first.

12. Perform a hard reset

If you want to solve the performance issues of your Apple watch, you can simply do it by hard reset. You can do hard reset by pressing crown and the power button at the same time and holding them for few seconds.

13. Use your Watch to find your iPhone

You can simply locate your phone with the help of your Apple watch. This works because you can make your watch produce a sound on your mobile. In order to do so, flick the watch screen upward and then press the phone icon at the bottom of the screen. This will produce a sound in your mobile. The sound will be a simple one, not embarrassing loud alarm.

14. Buy a third-party strap to save money

Apple always offers quality products but we are also aware of the fact that these products are dead costly. If you are looking for some sports touch for your watch, you can visit 3rd party websites or you can explore Groupon where you will find plenty of such products and much more on discounted rate.

15. Long-press the crown to wake Siri up

You can wake Siri up and talk to her by simply long pressing the crown. You can ask daily life things from Siri as well as you can tell her to perform some function like locating the nearest restaurant.

16. Control Apple TV

Most people don’t even know that not only you can control any TV but Apple TV Box as well with your Apple watch. It is much easier because the controls are the same as that of the mobile phone. You can perform this function by the app named ‘Remote’.

17. Use power reserve mode to get better stamina

Many people complain about the battery timing of the Apple watch that it consumes too much. However, this can be avoided if you simply place your watch on a power reserve mode. This way, your watch will turn into an ordinary watch and will consume very little power.

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