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Wearsafe: try it for free

“Research shows that 1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual assault or abduction on a college campus during a typical four-year course of study.” said Rich Staropoli, former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent and Wearsafe security advisor. Trouble and danger is a daily occurrence for people of different ages and backgrounds, it also can come in many forms besides sexual assault or abduction such as medical emergencies, injuries, incidents, and many others. A person can never truly account for everything or anything when trouble arises but what they can do is try and get a step of the situation at hand. Location and communication play important roles in any predicament whether it be lost during a hike, you have sustained an injury, or are in a dangerous environment. A new wearable safety device can assist you in any of these situations from Wearsafe Labs called the Wearsafe Tag.

The Wearsafe Tag is a wearable safety tag that calls for the help through the click of a button. The Wearsafe Tag and Wearsafe App work together with email, text, and push notifications to get help from those closest to you when you need it. It uses the power of your phone to send an alert to coworkers, friends, and family members who can then determine the next best course of action whether it be a coordinated response or contacting the proper authorities. The Wearsafe Tag is one of the only wearable personal safety devices that sends two critical pieces of information to your pre selected contacts. Once the button has been pressed the Wearsafe Tag sends the wearers precise GPS location to the pre selected contacts. The piece of information sent along with your location is audio that runs through your phone and Wearsafe Rewind which saves audio from 60 seconds before the button has been pressed. The response team can then hear the audio and have your location to determine whether they need to personally arrive to assist you or call 911 and relay the information that has been received, which can be done immediately from the app.

The Wearsafe App and Wearsafe Tag combine to send critical information to those closest to you when it is necessary. It is basically a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with your phone up to 200 feet. If you happen to be hurt or in danger you cannot always count to unlock and dial for help so the 200 foot range allows an alert to discreetly and from a distance if you happen to be away/separated from your smartphone. The Wearsafe App creates a groupchat which acts as a virtual situation room where friends and family can coordinate a response. There is real-time feedback available where the Wearsafe Tag informs you that help is arriving through silent vibration each time someone gets your alert. The profile provided can share with responders personalized medical information to further assist your situation. Activator details allows one to receive automatic battery status notifications, pairing, and managing multiple Tags. Privacy is also accounted for as a Wearsafe Tag does not track you until the moment you need it to through pressing the button for assistance.

Wearsafe has more than four years of testing and real world experience backing up their personal safety apps and devices compared to those just entering the market. Wearsafe works on a global scale to keep people safe starting from over 200 campuses, across 50 states, and 30 countries so far. Wearsafe is a leading developer of advanced wearable safety products or cutting edge technology along with individual and institutional demand for personal safety. The vision here is to change the perception of safety and security products, from solely protecting locations and property, to protecting individuals, wherever they may be through creating personal protection products and communication services.

The Wearsafe Tag has been engineered to assist the individual in different ways through the simple press of a button. The Wearsafe Tag is rugged, water-resistant, discreet looking, and can be worn/attached in many different ways so it can always be kept with you on your keychain, backpack, attached to your running shorts, and so forth. This item is suitable for college students, outdoor adventurers, business travelers, the elderly, or truly for anybody seeking to be prepared for whatever may come their way. Wearsafe will send you the Wearsafe Tag to try risk free for 30 days, after that it comes out to be the low cost of $5.00 a month for a service that will provide critical information to your trusted ones so you can be provided with the appropriate help. The Wearsafe Tag is one of the only devices to provide location data and live audio to those trusted contacts and provide you with the security to live a more confident life each and every day.

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