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Fashion conscious will love Ritzique portable phone chargers

Women and girls of all ages are in luck when it comes to portable power with Ritzique portable chargers with inspirational messages on them. As a bonus, Ritzique is giving back with a portion of sales going to COTA, the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

If you are already thinking of gifts for co-workers or your BFF, the Ritzique charger is designed in the shape of macaroons, with the positive messages on display for users to see. The chargers are light and the right size to fit in a handbag, pocket or purse. Ritzique also provides a nice boost with a full charge heading to your smartphone. Ritzique founder, Pay Camyon, makes the best out of a tough situation. After her middle daughter was born with liver disease (biliary atresia), Camyon lost her home and had to file for bankruptcy due to high medical bills. As if a liver transplant wasn’t frightening enough, a second one had to be performed after the first one failed on the operating table. Camyon’s daughter is now a happy and healthy child, but she remembers how horrible the experience was. Today she uplifts others through Ritzique. She believes in giving back and contributes a portion of all the sales to COTA, the Children’s Organ Transplant Association. A product and a cause from Ritzique.

Ritzique is power that fits in the palm of your hand or anywhere. Beautifully designed portable smartphone charger for women Take it anywhere and everywhere Motivational and inspirational messages on each macaroon Power button is located on the back of the macaroon Comes with a charging cable Light will start blinking to notify user when the battery is running low Uniquely designed for quality, fashion, simplicity and to be a reminder that through the power of love, hope, and faith, all things are possible Retails for $23.99 (plus tax and shipping)

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