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SignalVault: RFID Blocker

Protect your identity; protect your credit and debit card information with SignalVault.

As society continues to make more digital advances, hackers and identity thieves are finding new ways to steal valuable information. It seems like it maybe came out of a James Bond movie, but was recently seen on Shark Tank, SignalVault serves as a reliable form of protection to keep your credit cards, debit cards and personal information invisible to electronic pick pocketers. With this fast and easy high-tech solution you can stay two steps ahead of credit and debit card frauds.

SignalVault is basically a credit card that protects your credit/debit cards.

It's a no-brainer as SignalVault can be installed in any wallet in seconds. Simply place SignalVault cards behind your credit and debit cards to form a shield and instantly lower your risk of identity theft in this crazy world we live in.

Signal Vault features the following:

  • Fits in any wallet and makes your information invisible to hackers.

  • Perfect for business and holiday travel or a night out on the town.

  • Currently, protects over 350,000 consumers worldwide.

  • E-Field Technology does not require batteries, charging or activation.

  • Has independently been tested by N.T.S. (formerly Qualtest, Inc.) and passed all testing for RFID blocking and signal protection.

The SignalVault has completely reinvented the business card. It can be customized for your company, your brand or yourself to be used as a high-tech business card or promotional item. SignalVault offers a 2-Pack Credit & Debit Card Protector for $17.95, a TravelVault RFID Passport Case for $19.95 and a Travel Pack, available in black or pink, for just $29.95.

In March of 2015, SignalVault's Chris Gilpin, made an appearance on Shark Tank, where he successfully secured a deal with Lori Grenier and Robert Herjavec. Since Shark Tank, Chris has sold over 350,000 SignalVaults and the company now customizes the device for clients including Wells Fargo, UBS Financial, The Hartford, Sandisk, Money Gram, Keller Williams Realty & many others.

SignalVault blocks RFID scanners by broadcasting a higher radio frequency than credit and debit cards. Using the product is as simple as stashing it in your wallet or purse. It represents a combination of simplicity and security.

Does it work? Yes on my end, but there are a lot of reviews from 2015 where it didn't work all that well. At the very worst, t's a $20 investment that can't hurt. If you've been hacked, you are probably willing to try anything at this point.


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