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Erato helping people make the transition to wireless earbuds

The iPhone 7 has many people making the transition to wireless earbuds, there are a few elements to look for when it comes to wireless earbuds and Apple Airpods are not your only option in the field of wireless headphones. \The simplicity of wireless connection and not having to sacrifice sound quality are things we should look for, which is what Erato Audio sets its goal to be. Erato has has successfully developed the world's smallest true wireless earbuds with built-in microphone for complete voice functionality with alongside premium sound. Erato is based out of Brea, California and was established in 2015 with the simple aim of creating high fidelity audio devices without compromise. The team of audio experts at Erato continuously push the limits of technology, from incredible acoustic detail and clarity to breathtaking immersive audio experiences they set the standard for true wireless audio. Erato is again advancing the wireless headphones category with their newest products, the Muse 5 and Rio 3.

Erato had just finished a successful crowdfunding campaign where 20,00 units of products had been shipped globally and now on Indiegogo they present both the Erato Muse 5 and Rio 3. The Muse 5 and Rio 3 are compact, water-resistant, true wireless Bluetooth earphones and are designed to be comfortable, functional, and portable. Once your devices have been simply paired along with use of tap commands, users can switch between phone calls and playing music with fully balanced, stereo sound. The earbuds are designed to have high performance audio without a wire through using the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and aptX to bring out quality sound from the user’s digital sources. Each earbud of course comes with it’s own set of specialties, functions, and technical specs dependent on the activities and lifestyle enjoys.

The Muse 5 is ideal for people who have an active lifestyle for the person who is always on the go. The earphones are wireless and connect through Bluetooth using the profile of Bluetooth 4.1. You will find peace of mind knowing that your earbuds won’t fall out no matter what you may be doing with the Patented FitSeal™ Sleeves. Three FitSeal sleeves along with multiple ear tips allow for nine different ear size combinations to try and insure a perfect fit for every user. The Muse 5 uses DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology to restore the spatial distance missing in traditional earphones which allow it to create a more accurate soundstage, unlike traditional stereo earphones. It supports audio codecs such as advanced AAC, SBC, and aptX audio standards. EratoSurround™ can reduce sound image distortion and deliver the same experience that may be heard in expensive over the top ear headphones, as it is calibrated with a micro-driver and acoustic chamber. The Micro Driver is 5.8 mm, 100 dB/mW sensitivity; 20Hz - 20KHz frequency. The Muse 5 also comes with a portable 700 MAH magnetic charging cases that provide two full charges to the earphones before needing to be recharged again. The charging case is 73.3mm in length and 38.5mm in diameter. The battery life for the earphones have 4 hours of play time with music or 7 hours of talk time. The microphone that runs through the earphones is a MEMS omnidirectional microphone. The Muse 5 is also single touch multi function, making it simple to use by powering on/off your device, raising volume, lowering volume, pairing, next and previous tracks, play, pause, and even activates Siri and Google Now. Each earphone is 8g and has dimensions of 30mm in length, 25mm in diameter, and 38.8mm in height. The earphones are waterproof and come with a nano coating IPX5 and also come in the colors silver, rose gold, black, and blue. Accessories included are the two earbuds (L & R Channel), silicon eartips (S, M, L), Silicon Fitseal™ Sleeves (S, M, L), portable charging case, micro USB charging cable, and a quick start guide. If you are looking for a set of wireless earphones that are ideal for your runs and fast paced workouts, look no further than the Rio 3 headphones. The Rio 3 is for those who enjoy the freedom of movement without having the earbuds fall out or have the wire get tangled during your runs the Rio 3 stays in place without the loss of sound quality. The comfortable and flexible ear hook keeps the Rio 3 in placed during rigorous workout routines and fast paced movements.

The Rio 3 is also simple to use through its controls with a 3 multi-button function on the earpieces that allows access to volume up and down, next and previous tracks, play, pause, and even activates Siri and Google Now. The MEMS Omnidirectional microphone allows not only interaction with Siri and Google NOw but also phone calls alongside it. The Rio 3 is a Bluetooth set of headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 with the latest CSP Chipset technology. The supported audio codecs has full support for advanced AAC, SBC, and aptX audio standards. Specifications around the driver are a 14.2mm Comply Diaphram Driver, 100 dB/mW sensitivity and a 20Hz - 20 KHz frequency. The battery life on the Rio 3 has 8 hours of talk time of 6 hours of play time, through the 130 mAh battery each earphone has and is charged using the micro USB charging cable that is included. The dimensions of the earphones come out with a length of 51mm, a height of 46mm, and diameter of 34mm along with each earbud coming out to be 14g. The earphones are also waterproof with nano-coating the offers excellent liquid protection through the IPX5. Colors available for the Rio 3 headphones are black, green, red, silver, and teal. The accessories included are the two earbuds ( L & R Channel), Silicon Earpieces (S, M, L), dual micro USB charging cable, nylon carrying case, and the quick start guide.

You are able to preorder the Muse 5 and Rio 3 through Indiegogo and expect shipping of the products to begin late November 2016. The pre-order prices for the Muse 5 is $79.00 and for the Rio 3 is $69.00, the retail prices will come out at $179.99 for the Muse 5 and $129.99 for the Rio 3. Erato Audio anticipates full delivery of pledges by the end of the year, just in time for the holiday season. If you are looking for set of wireless headphones that are comfortable and for those who are constantly on the move or just wanting functional along with premium sound look towards getting Erato Wireless earphones. Erato is setting the new standard for true wireless audio and right now is a great opportunity to pre order either sets or both together as the upcoming gifts of the year.

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