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Bedol What’s Next Water Clock still ticking

It never needs a plug! The Bedol Water Clock is powered by ordinary tap water right out of your sink. Just fill to the water level line and you are in business with an alarm or desk clock. Mine is still going after months.

The Bedol never needs batteries or electricity. Just fill the Bedol Water clock with water and you are on your way to more eco-friendly home. The directions say that after about 6 months to a year you may need to dump the water out and refill, but after about 4-5 months, I'm going strong. The clock will remember the time as you do so. It even has an alarm. Great for traveling as well... just empty the water out before packing and then refill at your destination.

It is able to keep time without the use of batteries or electricity; it uses water which is filled through the top cap to create its own electricity by converting the ions in the water to clean energy power which reduces ones carbon footprint through the use of tap water.

The clocks come in an array of colors and sizes from blue, orange, yellow, white, and to gray with prices ranging as low as $16.00 to $39.00 for the different kinds of clocks. The clocks include the Squirt Alarm The Bedol Water Clock ($26.00), Traveler Alarm The Bedol Water Clock ($16.00), The Bedol Water Clock Wink Alarm ($35.00), Alarm The Bedol Water Clock ($29.00), and the Bedol Water Clock Smiley Alarm ($39.00). The Bedol Water Clock series is a great choice for not only for being eco-friendly in both function and design but a unique accessory for the home office.

Visit to get yours.


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