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Sept 30 is International Podcast Day, so keep the conversations going

September 30, 2016, is International Podcast Day!

The folks at International Podcast Day™ are asking you to "Start the Conversation" as International Podcast Day is September 30, but with the popularity of podcasting, I'm asking everyone to "Continue the Conversations" around the world in terms of podcasting and spreading the gospel of podcasting to the masses. dedicated to promoting Podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement. You may be asking, what can I do to help and what can I do to get involved on International Podcast Day?

Grab your mic and camera and ask someone, really anyone, about their favorite podcast and share the response on social media using #podcastday

-Join in with the numerous events going on.

-Promote by posting the IPD banner image on your website.

-Use #podcastday to engage with others worldwide talking about the IPD event.

-Play the IPD audio or video promo on your show.

-Change your social media image with the IPD logo.

-Explain to someone what a podcast is and get them hooked.

-Share your favorite podcast with someone (coworker, friend, teammate, etc.)

-Send feedback to your favorite podcasters and tell them thank you.

-Provide a rating and review of the podcast in iTunes or any other platform.

-Subscribe to a new show and talk about it using #podcastday


- Not a podcaster? Become one!

"International Podcast Day is a day long celebration of the power of podcasting with over 24 hours of live broadcasting and connecting podcasters, listeners, and audio enthusiasts worldwide," explains Dave Lee, co-founder of International Podcast Day and a podcaster in his own right. "There’s a particular intimacy with podcasts and people connect with that. We feel like we get to know the host(s) and their struggles and successes."

As was the case the last two years, there will be a special International Podcast Day broadcast that will last over 24hours.

See a list of events here.

"Last year we represented podcasters from 11 countries and covered topics such as automation tools, building listener communities, creating local meetups, and revenue generation," adds Lee, whose podcast, "Waves of Tech" is heard on the Modern Life Podcast Network. "The event had 45,000 tweets from the community using #PodcastDay."

Lee also wanted to add that podcasting truly an international art and a platform that continues to grow.

"Podcasting is international. You could be podcasting literally from your closet and influencing a worldwide audience."

Again this year, International Podcast Day will award a "Gratitude Award" to honor those that set out to "do good' and make a difference with their podcast.

Follow along with International Podcast Day at and keep the conversation going when it comes to podcasts and podcasting.

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