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Book Review: Youth Sports Start Here

Sports are big business. Youth sports are big business too and it's where it all starts.

Eugene Monroe announced his retirement from the NFL, citing his fear of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy as the reason. Monroe's concern is justified; this progressive degenerative disease of the brain was found in 90% of former NFL players whose brains were tested after they died. The father of three sports-oriented kids, Eugene is passionate about helping to reduce the 3.5 million accidents that occur each year to kids playing sports. His new book, Youth Sports: Start Here, co-authored with Dr. Julie Buckley, empowers parents to help kids prevent many of these injuries, as well as recognize signs of an injury when it's not obvious.

This book serves as not only a guide to the perils of youth sports, but also a wake up call to familieswith kids in sports.

Both authors are parents of active, sports-oriented youngsters themselves. Dr. Buckley's twenty years as a pediatrician and functional medicine specialist and Eugene's hands-on professional sports experience combine to create a comprehensive guide empowering parents to help their children prevent injury, recognize the sometimes-subtle signs an injury has occurred or may occur, and to heal the injuries that almost all energetic kids will, at one point or another, inevitably sustain. Eugene retired from the NFL on July 21 to have more time to focus on 4th Down Partners, his real estate development company, continue his campaign for medical marijuana, and spend much-needed time with his wife and three children. He will continue to host the Eugene Monroe All Pro Football Camp each summer, a free camp experience for kids who want to learn how to improve the fundamentals of their game.For more information on the book and this important topic, please see

You can also order the book here.

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