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Get safe content with the Clean Router

The Internet is this day and ages universal tool for the quest of knowledge, and the most recent generation of children are being raised alongside the growing online world. The Internet allows us to shop, research, listen to music, talk with distant relatives, watch movies, and so much more as it is constantly growing. It does offer many benefits but not all content that can be found online is safe or appropriate for children to be exposed to. Parents are now finding it difficult to allow their children to freely explore the benefits of what the Internet has to offer when material such as online gambling, pornography, and malicious software can be found so easily and accidentally. In one study widely cited in the media, 42% of Internet users ages 10 to 17 said they viewed porn online in the past 12 months. And 66% of kids who said they saw porn online said they saw it accidentally, according to a 2007 study by the University of New Hampshire. The opportunities to stumble across inappropriate content is massive and too difficult for a parent to try and keep watch over the children’s shoulder while they are on the computer, smart TVs, tablets, phones, game consoles, and other technology with online access. Clean Router offers a solution to assist parents to block content unsuitable to children at the source.

Clean Router was started by co-founders Spencer Thomason and Eric Vance in an effort to protect families from online content parents would prefer their children not be able to access. Using their background as software engineers, the duo created a way to build filtering software directly into a router. Both fathers, Thomason and Vance have created a suite of features for Clean Router products that empower parents to manage and safeguard their children’s Internet experience.

Standard software and apps can help protect a few devices in the household but the amount of appliances that connect to the internet have been increasing from computers, to smartphones, to game consoles, to music players, and the list goes on which makes it more difficult to block sites on traditional devices. Clean Router can protect all devices under your roof without slowing browsing and download speeds. Clean Router is easy to use as the user simply plugs it into the modem and then provide clean browsing for any device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Clean Router uses IntelliFilterTM, a multilevel search technology to continuously block unwanted content.

An existing list of content is blocked by default but parents can customize a list of keywords and phrases that the router will blacklist or greylist. Web addresses, specific words, pictures, and video files tagged with words that are red flagged will all be blocked through every device and every operating system. An additional feature from Clean Router is that it allows parents to set time-of-day restrictions by device so children cannot go online whenever they please. A regular report about what their children are searching for online can be opted by parents so it can help them stay in-touch with their children’s interest and lives, for when conversations seem one-ended and questions are only answered with “fine”.

In order to yield the best results here are a few steps and points that can be combined with the Clean Router to assure safe content is being searched and presented online. You can have an age appropriate conversation with your child about the dangers of the internet and what content to keep away from, such as “If you see someone being mean to someone else, make sure you show a grownup”. You can install filtering at the network level for all devices through the Clean Router within the household without the need of downloading specific filtering software to each device individually. Set common areas for where the internet usage done on devices is out in the open so it is easier to keep an eye on and open for discussion with their activities. You can also change the WiFi key when the kids have not completed their chores, as it is an effective way to motivate kids to finish chores and homework. You should be involved in your children’s digital lives and make sure to check on all social media platforms that they are not speaking with anyone they shouldn’t be or being a part of cyberbullying.

For all those interested in using the Clean Router there is a limited offer circulating between the two options available. A limited time offer is available for the basic Clean Router model, it is for free. It is recommended to be used with up to 7 devices and is recommended for house sizes of up to 2000 square feet. The wireless speed is up to 300 Mbps (802.11n) and a processor speed of 560 Mhz. The Clean Router Pro comes out to be $199.00 through the Clean Router website. The Pro is recommended when you would like to run the system with more than 7 devices and in homes larger than 2000 square feet. The wireless speed is up to 1300 Mbps (802.11ac) and has processing speed of up to 720 Mhz. Cost for shipping on both routers are $9.99 and a $20.00 monthly service fee. People who are seeking online peace of mind for themselves and their family should look no further than using the Clean Router for experiencing a safer online experience.

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