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Fantasy Football Survivor app

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, I’m not talking about football season but Fantasy Football Season. 200 million fans watched NFL (National Football League) games last season, with over 57 million playing fantasy football. I have always been one of those people that enjoys watching a game with friends and family but will not actively go out of my way to watch the game. I can watch ESPN or look up online how the game went for the teams I occasionally keep up with, Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons, when I want to catch up. People tend to live busy lives whether it be through work, school, family, friends, and other activities or commitments it is hard to keep up with a fantasy league.

A new iPhone app helps making fantasy football easy to keep up with and not be such a major time commitment so you can still compete against family, friends, and co-workers alike.

Honor Mountain Interactive Inc., the maker of Bracket the Madness, the 3rd most downloaded sports app during the March Madness tournament, has created a third iPhone app free-to-enter fantasy sports game called Fantasy Football Survivor. Fantasy Football Survivor is designed for the casual player and it takes under 10 seconds each week to play. A winner in this game doesn’t only earn the bragging rights over all the other competitors but also can take home a cash prize. Their is no deposit needed or codes to enter, it is truly 100% free to play. If your selected fantasy squad wins and you are the last surviving player you could win prizes which include tokens and cash if you eligible.

I decided to play in a fantasy league this year and I found myself taking more time than I probably should have trying to research who to pick for the draft. The amount of time spent listening to podcasts, reading articles of speculation, and watching video tutorials was definitely a little cringe-worthy. Instead of filling your free time with research on selecting 11 of 1700 NFL players to build a team, Fantasy Football Survivor picks only 1 of 32 Quarterback Squads each week. It means that the starting and backup quarterbacks from a NFL team go against the corresponding team with the regular season matchups. If your selected quarterback squad scores more fantasy points than the opposing team you survive into the next week, if you lose or tie you are knocked out of the competition. A new “survivor” game starts every week of the NFL season, and it circles back to the last surviving player being able to win a grand prize.

Fantasy Football Survivor definitely makes playing in a fantasy league easier but the challenge comes into play when to select a squad, because each squad can only be selected once during the season. It means if you happen to move up and survive more rounds the fewer squads you have to pick from once you start getting deeper into it. If you select your high-performing squads early that can leave you with bad squads further down the road making a loss more likely. If you choose your weak squads earlier you are playing it risky but can put yourself into a stronger position for those later rounds. In order to help select your squad each week active in-game items using tokens are used, these tokens are earned for free through achievements which means the more you play the more you earn. You also have the option to get tokens through in-app purchases and combine it with gameplay use as well. Perks can also be used throughout games such as sneak peek, shield, birds eye binoculars, and swap can be used. Sneak peek allows one player to view another player’s pick prior to games starting and/or you can block players from seeing your picks by activating a shield. The birds-eye binoculars enable you to see the percentage of total players who selected each squad to help decide whether to go with the popular picks or against them. Swap comes into play during live games as you can swap to the opposing squad, but swapping burns both squads and neither can be selected again.

If you happen to be too busy to commit to the usual fantasy football setup Fantasy Football Survivor could be an ideal app to try out. It is free to download from the app store on iTunes and provides the opportunity to win some real money, from a free game. It is ideal to choose if you are looking to play an easier games, but if you are looking to try out a different gameplay and strategy it is an ideal app as well. The app is for both the rookies entering into the world of fantasy football to the experienced strategist of football projections. The time commitment is minimal and the opportunities to compete and fun are endless, start up with a group of friends, family, and co-workers alike and go for the grand prize.

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