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Hydration Nation: re:play

If you haven't been outside lately, let me fill you in.... it's still HOT!

Fluid intake is critical.

Dehydration is a common problem after people have finished up a strenuous workout, put in a hard day’s work, or are dealing with high heated areas. Sweat causes the body to lose electrolytes, and 5% dehydration can cause the lung’s oxygen capacity to drop by 30%. An effective solution to rehydrate one’s self is to use re:play™ clinical strength hydration packets.

re:play™’s patent-pending solution contains the same hydration power as a bag of IV fluid and delivers four key electrolytes,which are sodium, chloride, potassium, and zinc into the bloodstream to help the body recover faster and absorb water. re:play™ uses a non-glucose amino acid in your intestine to transport electrolytes across the intestinal wall efficiently without the negative effects of sugar, which include bloating, extra calorie, and an inevitable crash. The re:play™ products contain more electrolytes than any other hydration supplement on the market thanks to the patented formula developed from 40 years of scientific research. If you are an athlete, physically active in your work, or dealing with high heat weather/conditions you should look towards using re:play™ packet, which is one serving size, as a tool for recovery and hydration.

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