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CES' Eureka Park Marketplace to increase in size

Don't miss the Eureka Park Marketplace at CES in 2017.

The Consumer Technology Association is going on to hold its 50th International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) from January 5-8, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM is the trade association representing the $287 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. The CTA is compiled of more than 2,200 companies, with 80 percent being small businesses and startups, and also owns and produces the CES. For decades, CES has been a launchpad for business’ of consumer technologies to gather and introduce to the marketplace the new innovations and technology. The first CES had taken place in New York City in June 1967 and since the first show thousands of products that have transformed the world and marketplace alike throughout the years. The videocassette recorder (VCR in 1970), the digital versatile disk (DVD) in 1996, the 3D HDTV in 2009, 3D Printers in 2014, and so many other products. CES showcases more than 3,800 exhibiting companies which include manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery system and more. A conference program with more than 300 conference sessions and more than 160,000 attendees from 150 countries, and this upcoming show will be larger than ever before with the Eureka Park Marketplace.

The Consumer Technology Association announced on August 31, 2016 that the CES will increase by 16% with the expansion of the Eureka Park Marketplace. CES startups have raised more than $1 billion in fund since 2012 and will have a curated exhibit area to welcome 600 exhibitors. The growing pool of highly qualified candidates has the curated exhibit area housing 600 innovative startups that are looking to build brand awareness and forge cross-market partnerships. Eureka Park exhibitors are projected to have the opportunity to network and conduct business with more than 165,000 attendees this upcoming year. 6,500 members of the media will be providing coverage of the next generation of technology, in addition to the startups the show will feature more than 3,800 exhibitors in an exhibit space that is over 2.4 million net square feet. "It was impressive - many people, many interesting contacts," said Lionel Heymans, CEO, 42tea a French startup who came to CES through Business France."People told me [Eureka Park was] an inescapable exhibition and now that I have participated, I recommend it to all startups. It is a real accelerator for business. We made contacts which are going to allow us to become established in the United States."

Eureka Park’s show floor has a unique and dynamic area filled with products that are wearables, sports tech, smart home tech, and virtual reality. CES 2016 featured the most recent innovations of 500 startups representing 29 countries. More than half the startups came from outside the United States along with newcomers to CES from Austria to Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, and UAE. CES is a platform for innovators of all sizes as it draws some of the most brilliant minds representing an array of industries. Eureka Park Marketplace is the startup destination to launch a new product, service or idea for those with homegrown innovations, fledgling prototypes, and many other types of startups are welcome to the marketplace.

Highlights for the CES 2017 Eureka Park include areas such as the University Innovations Marketplace, Indiegogo exhibits, and Eureka Park Lounge. The University Innovations Marketplace is a location for students and staff show their school pride and inventiveness through the latest cutting-edge software they developed or the next must-have gadgets they have engineered. The Indiegogo exhibits is a location for entrepreneurial projects to move from concept to market along with Indiegogo campaigners, partners, and crowdfunding experts ready to guide creators through the process. The Eureka Park Lounge is a place to recharge, refuel, relax, or take a moment to check emails and get caught up on work between sessions presented by Arlington, VA, Home of The CTA.

The global stage where next-generation innovations and breakthroughs in technologies is the Consumer Electronics Show. It is a one of a kind event as the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. If you have the opportunity go to the event, wander through Eureka Park as you could be looking at innovations that could be having the next startup success.

The Eureka Park Marketplace will be located at Sands, Level 1, Hall G.


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