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Gazelle and ecoATM want your old smartphone

The release of the new iPhone means many millions of people will be looking to dispose of their old smartphones. is here to help and you might be able to complete your transaction via a kiosk.

Are you following the Apple announcement? Many consumers are looking for the best way to get rid of old phones so they can upgrade to the newest tech. Two companies offer quick and convenient ways to get top dollar for your old technology., the leading consumer electronics re-commerce site, is offering an extended price lock on any phone through September 7! Simply visit during that time to lock-in an even higher price for your phone – up to $325! Plus, you won’t have to send the old phone in until October 14, so there is plenty of time to upgrade and transfer everything. ecoATMoffers easy-to-find kiosks all over the country that offer you instant cash for your old gadgets. Simply plug in an old smartphone into the machine and receive up to $300 for it right from the dispenser!

It's as easy as that! Cash for your old tech items, it's a great thing!

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