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Ultra LED version of Stomp Rocket now available

In the old days, the television commercials used to say, "hours of fun for the entire family." That usually meant an hour of so of fun, until the toy or object broke.

Not so with the new Ultra LED Stomp Rocket.

The Ultra LED version of the Stomp Rocket is now available at Dick’s Sporting Goods in time for your Labor Day weekend celebration, backyard party or even tailgate. This is a great way to encourage kids to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and bond with the family. Who can get their rocket to soar higher?! Note to adults: this is a lawn game for kids! (Or kids of all ages) After a summer of fun in the sun, are your kids bored with sidewalk chalk, hide and seek, and endless games of tag? Make the last days of summer ones to remember by popping into select Dick’s Sporting Goods stores for Stomp Rocket® Ultra LED. Stomp Rocket® Ultra LED is an entertaining way to get kids running and jumping outside. (They’ll be having such a good time, they won’t even notice that they’re exercising!) Best of all, thanks to each rocket’s built-in LED light, the fun can continue, even when it's dark. The Stomp Rocket is well constructed and safe for all ages.

Features of this great product:

100% Kid-Powered – Kids run, jump and stomp on the launch pad to send these rockets soaring up to 150 feet in the air! Bright LEDs – When you switch on the LED light inside each rocket, and they really stand out against the night sky Portable – Unpack the 4-rocket set at Labor Day parties, backyard barbecues, the park, picnics, and camping trips for hours of fun. Instant Entertainment – Stomp Rockets are ready to launch in seconds, featuring fast assembly with no batteries required. For children ages 6 and up The Stomp Rocket is tested and approved and has been featured in Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy, iParenting Media, and Toy Directory Monthly.

The easy way to get your Stomp Rocket is at your favorite Dick's Sporting Goods. Visit to find a store near you.

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