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AT&T continues with 'Distracted Driving Campaign'

For years, AT&T has been bringing awareness to the problem of distracted driving.

Knowing all that we now do about the dangers of distracting driving, what still compels more than 64 percent of drivers to pick up their phones when it pings with a new text message?

A more important question, perhaps, is ... why is that number dramatically reduced to 36 percent when there is a passenger present in the driver’s car .. and an even lower 30 percent when a child is present in the vehicle?

AT&T today is announcing a new advertising campaign around its, It Can Wait campaign.

The campaign taps into “behavioral economics” to understand why people make the choices they do.

The key insight of this campaign is “You’re never alone on the road,” and research shows that only 36 percent of drivers look at their smartphone with passengers in the car, compared to more than 6-in-10 (64 percent) without a passenger.

And people look at their phone even less when the passenger is a child.

AT&T has developed this ad campaign to help all of us see “driving alone” differently - meaning while we may be alone in the car, we are of course, never alone on the road.

Over the next few weeks, AT&T will be rolling out our messages across TV, print, radio, social and digital channels.

For a heart-wrenching sneak peek at one of our ads, which highlights an otherwise responsible father momentarily distracted by a pinging cell phone with his son in the backseat, go here.

- What we must do is keep your mobile devices out of our hands while driving!


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