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Logitech offers performance and color with Party Mice

Color is the theme, as Logitech has released a new series of wireless mice, known as the Party Collection Mice that come with a series of features and benefits as well as a multitude of colorful graphics to choose from. You have a few options for the graphic design on your mouse from patterns including flamingos, to lemons, zigzag red, memphis blue, and the selection continues to grow. It is a mouse party and everyone’s invited, as the Logitech M325C Mouse is ready to connect with your laptops and desktops alike.

The system you have may need some requirements prior to mouse use such as; Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, OS X 10.5 or later, Chrome OS, Linux kernel 2.6+, and especially a USB port. The wireless function of the mouse works through a nano receiver, with an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The wireless range reaches up to distances of 33 feet (10 meters) and the transmission link is secured with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The battery life for the mouse begins with a non-rechargeable AA battery that has been pre-installed that should last up to 18 months, battery life may vary upon user and computing conditions. The indicator lights found on the mouse are LED and signal for connection and power on with green and no connection or power with no illumination. The mouse sensitivity comes out to be a Dots per Inch (DPI) with a minimum/maximum at 1000± also having the sensor technology of the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking. The sensitivity of the mouse is at an optimal level to scroll through pages with micro-precise scrolling. The mouse contains features and 5 buttons with different functions. It's a standard right-click and left-click for selection and options menu purposes, unless modified. The scroll wheel is 4D, optical, and micro ratchet with a tilt function through clicking the scroll wheel and moving the mouse to the desired location. If you are on the Internet you can tilt the scroll wheel right to move forward one page or tilt the scroll wheel left to move back one page.

The specification for the M325C mouse and nano receiver are ideal in both height and weight making them easy to take on the go. The mouse has a height of 3.7 inches (95 millimeters), width of 2.2 inches (57 mm), and a depth of 1.5 inches (39 mm). The weight of the mouse comes out to be 3.3 ounces (93.0 g). The nano receiver has a height of 0.6 in (14 mm), width of 0.7 inches (19 mm), and a depth of 0.2 inches (6 mm). The sizes and weight make it simple to carry in a small pocket in either a backpack or laptop bag.

The setup and startup of the mouse with your laptop or desktop are rather simple to follow. After you have turned on the laptop or desktop and made sure it has the system requirements to connect the mouse, you take the mouse out of its packaging. Prior to the mouse being turned on slide off the battery cover and you will find the nano receiver in its unifying nano receiver storage slot. The storage slot is the ideal place to hold your nano receiver to prevent loss or damage to your equipment. You can then plug the nano receiver into an open USB slot on your computer and turn on the mouse by flipping the slider switch on the bottom of the mouse to ON. It should then easily connect and be ready to use on the spot, no need to download specific programs to run the mous with your setup.

The package contents include the M325C mouse, nano receiver, 1 AA Battery (pre-installed), and the user documentation. The warranty is a 1-year limited hardware warranty when purchased through Logitech. The Logitech M325C Mouse can be purchased through both the Logitech website and is available on at a price of $29.99. It is an ideal product to have when wanting to avoid easy tangling wired mice, looking for easy setup and connections, easy to carry, a mouse with more than the standard functions, and an 18-month battery life. The Logitech Colorful Party Collection contains an array of greatly designed mice and is still growing that allows users to express their creative interests and personalities through the designs of their mouse. People can take these parties with them on the go and truly show a Party Collection Wireless mouse that is as original as you are.

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