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2016 World Am 'Goodie Bag' Review

2016 will be known as the year where each Myrtle Beach World Am player, male and female received a bag that was so stuffed and heavy, it was difficult to carry with one hand to the car once it was picked up at the local PGA Tour Superstore.

"We have a few nice additions to the "Goodie Bag" this year," admits Scott Tomasello, Tournament Coordinator, Myrtle Beach World Amateur/ Golf Holiday. "The World Am Driver Headcover is very nice and it's from a well known company in Club Glove. The Nextbelt Colour II Belt is like a $60 value and comes in a carry pouch. Golfers love it once they take it out and get a good look at it."

This Nextbelt fits all sizes up to 45" waist. It has a black smooth strap with white stitching and chrome buckle with matching leather. Perfect for on the course and off.

The other items this year:

World Am Logoed Hat

A tournament staple that is a quality Greg Norman tournament hat that commemorates the 33rd playing of the Myrtle Beach World Amateur. World Am logo is on the side of the hat and one size fits all.

Greg Norman Collection Polo

A Play-Dry polo that is comfortable, durable and contains the World Am logo. Greg Norman Collection Weather Resistant Jacket

This is the jewel of the bag as it's a stylish Full Zip Windbreaker that will protect from the elements. It has a mesh lining and elasticized cuffs. Play in any weather with confidence.


The Swedge is a new golf training aid that’s so simple – and very effective. The Swedge helps you improve with every swing as it can help fix your hook, cure your slice and improve your accuracy/distance. The Swedge is a small angular shaped pillow with flat edges and one rounded edge to provide an effective positioning underneath your arm. The Swedge is made of water-resistant durable nylon and comes with a carabineer clip so that it can clip right on to the golf bag and is ready to use at all times.

Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday Luggage Tag and Fun Tag

A useful luggage tag that will clip on to any bag and a fun golf-themed tag to personalize your luggage.

The ladies participating in the World Am won't feel left out as they get the same assortment of goodies, except their Nextbelt is Onyx Ladies Belt.

All competitors also received a PGA Tour Superstore gift card. Like a said, a loaded bag. Now the golf begins.

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