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Just in time for the US Open, a tennis ball fragrance

As the year's final major, the U.S. Open begins its run in New York, many people are talking about the new Stadium court roof, improvements to the grounds of the Billie Jean King Tennis Center and a crop of American youngsters that are poised for a breakthrough, but all it took is one post on social media showing of Demeter's game-changing "fresh-out-of-the-can” scent of new tennis balls... Fuzzy Balls.

For our U.S. Open #DemeterLove Campaign, fans VOTED on the NAME of our next FRAGRANCE: that incredibly attractive, yet indescribable smell you experience (along with the “whoosh”), when you open a new can of tennis balls. The Votes were tallied and the name of the winning tennis-inspired fragrance – FUZZY BALLS— was a GRAND SLAM!

Does the cologne smell like a freshly opened can of tennis balls? The answer is... YES! And without that yellow fuzzy and felt getting all over your hands and face.

The US Open happens every August at Flushing Meadow Park, across from Citifield, where the Mets play. This fragrance commemorates that special time in New York when the greatest tennis players in the world are playing in the US Open. Courtside or not, celebrate your love for tennis, and feel a little closer to the action when you spray on our New FUZZY BALL cologne!

Get yours from Demeter here.


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