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Kidecals personalized labels for more than 'back to school'

You spend money on items like jackets, backpacks, and sports equipment but within an instant they can be lost or misplaced. Kidecals personalized labels can be a life saver. These are high quality and customize-able labels that stick to just about anything and have look and design that every member of your family will enjoy.

Kidecals are water-proof, laundry safe and BPA free.

The labels are meant to last for as long as you need them to. If for any reason they let you down, let Kidecals team know and they will happily replace them.

Kidecals offers a large variety of designs and sizes, but they will also customize a label for you or your organization. They Kidecals website is easy to navigate and most orders will be received within a week.

Order now and start labeling everything.

Get 15% the summer with a special discount code, for WirelessWednesday readers: summersavings

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