Mountain Cams give a snapshot of Wintergreen

Strategically placed resort cams have gone from novelty to "must have" when designing and deciding on what content to include on a property's website.

Wintergreen Resort: Picture 11,000 acres on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with spacious condominiums and vacation homes that are surrounded by winding trails, cascading streams and lush forests. The ultimate four-season vacation or conference spot, Wintergreen Resort is peaceful and refreshing, with an endless variety of activities. I didn't even mention golf, tennis, skiing and great food.

If you are wondering what is happening at Wintergreen, they are forward-thinking and have set up resort cams throughout the property, so fans of the mountains and outdoors can see what if happening on the mountain.

Stoney Creek Cam Our Stoney Creek Cam pans, tilts, and zooms between several different presets, offering views of the practice green, driving range, and Shamokin #1 & #9, plus views of the patio at Stoney Creek Bar and Grill. Don't worry, the mountain cam will move back to the ski slopes in the winter, and you won't miss a flake falling!

Devils Knob Cam Check out what’s happening at Devils Knob golf! We’ve moved one of the winter cams to highlight golf at Devils Knob. It pans, tilts, and zooms between several different presets, giving you a great view of the entire area where it’s located. Now it’s easy to check weather conditions before your tee time. The cam will return to slopeside in November, just in time to watch the slopes fill with snow.

Classic Mountain Cam Our classic mountain cam view is pretty iconic, with the view of Dobie and the Learning Area during the winter, and the condos on the ridgeline all year long.

You can always see more here.