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Sprint Blog: Listening to customers

A Sprint blog post this week caught my attention. It was written by Jamie Jones Area President for the South.

It's a great read and you can of course see more here.

Listening to All Customers: What Paul Marcarelli’s Switch to Sprint Can Teach about Customer Service By Jaime Jones, Area President for South, Sprint - Twitter: @JaJones83

Network reliability alone is not enough to maintain customer loyalty. Just ask Paul Marcarelli. The guy who used to ask if you could hear him on Verizon made the switch to Sprint. As Paul said, “It’s 2016 and every network is great.” However, cost, it turns out, is something that also mattered to Paul. And, Sprint is saving customers 50 percent on most AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile rate plans for nearly the same network reliability. With so many options for wireless service, customers want to know that their providers have the knowledge and expertise to solve their problems. But customers want to have a meaningful relationship with their brands. They want to know that the companies they interact with are listening to them and responding to their needs. When reliability is nearly equal among competitors, there is only one way to stand out: exceptional customer service. At Sprint, we know what it means to serve our customers. We listen to their needs, we know what matters most to them and we are a trusted part of every local community we inhabit. Here are a few best practices businesses can use to provide exceptional service for their customers and strengthen customer relationships, just like the one Sprint now has with Paul. - Know what matters most to your customers -- then offer it. At Sprint, we know that cost is a factor that matters to all our customers. We listened to their needs and we offered plan prices up to 50 percent less than most other mobile carriers’ rates. Something else that matters to our customers? Pokémon Go. It’s no question that customers from all mobile networks want to catch them all, but Sprint decided to help its customers be the very best (like no one ever was). Because Pokémon Go was wearing down players’ batteries, Sprint offered 50 percent off select Mophie power and juice packs at Sprint stores. Additionally, we turned many of our stores into Poké Stops with lures and charging stations. Customers were appreciative that Sprint knew what mattered most to them and that we delivered services to meet their needs. - Treat customers the way you treat your friends and neighbors. Across Sprint’s South Area, we have heard countless examples time and again of our store employees going the extra mile for customers. For example, as a follow up for new customers, some employees at Sprint stores have sent a ‘thank you’ email with tips and helpful links. Additionally, Sprint is saying thanks to our customers across the country by offering great deals for back to school, small businesses and more through recurring #SprintSaysThanks events at local Sprint retail stores. Making customers feel comfortable and welcomed will make them want to continue receiving your services. - Be a trusted part of your community and give back. Our customers and communities deserve brands that care about making the world a better place. At Sprint, we work to truly add value through volunteer efforts, donating needed funds, devices and connectivity, and blood. The South Area team serves our communities with our time, talents and treasure. From showing our support of law enforcement in Charlotte with gift cards and battery packs as a small token of thanks for keeping our communities safe, to donating to ASPIRA of Florida to ensure students have access to devices and connectivity to connect with their Mobile Mentors, or providing food and water to devastated communities in times of need like in Louisiana and Houston, our Sprint team is there. At Sprint, we think about our customers in every decision we make. We want to provide our customers with the utmost information and quality service they have come to expect over the years. Whether you are a member of a community we operate in, or you receive our service, Sprint is always here to provide friendly, helpful support and exceptional customer service. Can we hear you now? Yes, we can.


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