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Nextdoor App Review from 'Sully'

Radio and media personality, Rich "Sully" Sullivan, with a guest post to start out the week. Sully in a friend and he continues to do a great job on Radio 105.7. Sully loves local news and anything going on in the neighborhoods of Atlanta, so he's right on point with a review of the Nextdoor app.

At the recommendation of a friend, I recently decided to join the Nexdoor app. Nextdoor is a hyper local app that connects residents of a neighborhood, giving them the ability to share information, interact with local law enforcement, buy and sell things, and keep neighbors updated on any number of different things, such as road closures. Nextdoor has a verification process that will make users feel safe. You have to prove you live where you do. There are few ways one can do this. First, entering your credit card number. Another is verification through your phone. The other is having Nextdoor send a verification card in the mail. The card includes a code which is used on the app to authenticate the account. Once on the Nextdoor app, you'll see several sections, among them, Classifieds, Crime & Safety, Free Items, Lost & Found, Recommendations. You'll also be connected to adjacent neighborhoods. Unlike Facebook, Nextdoor is not a hub for political opinions and memes. The moderators do a good job of keeping the information posted focused on the community. What you will see on Nextdoor are people seeking various services, like dog and house sitting, landscaping and more. Users will be buying and selling goods like bicycles and furniture. People will also post about road closures and traffic, info on neighborhood events. But perhaps the best feature of Nextdoor is the prolific presence of law enforcement. The Atlanta Police are constantly posting. They have info on police/community outreach events, tips on staying safe as well as helpful traffic info. Get on Nextdoor and you'll feel a little more in the loop than someone who isn't on it. You'll be connected to some people who may be able to take that old couch off your hands or recommend a good lawn service. You'll be aware of the 5k that's gonna close the main road in your neighborhood next month. Overall, it's been a good experience for me with this app. Nextdoor is available for your iOS or Android device.

Thanks to Sully for sharing and the great info!

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