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PlanterSpeakers bring luxury sound to the outdoors

Summer holds an opportunity that the rest of the year tends to hinder, the sunny and warm days with cool breezes. The patio, yard, and pool are truly enjoyed during these times and to enhance the experience the element of music should be incorporated. The combination of beautiful weather and quality music can create the ideal setting for one to relax and enjoy the moments they have with friends, family, or to themselves. When a person is looking to keep their backyard looking gorgeous and incorporate quality sound they should look no further than PlanterSpeakers.

PlanterSpeakers are just what they sound like, a speaker found in a planter. PlanterSpeakers by Madison Fielding began in 1999 as a custom installation job with a client in the Northeast in search of the best speakers for outdoor use. Their seemed to be no place to set up bracket speakers which could not be mounted on the house or hung from the flowerbeds. Even if the opportunity to set up the standard speakers for outdoor use presented itself they did not hold the same quality the indoor had with its beautiful speakers, subwoofers, and quality amps. A good sized planter was spotted in the corner of the customer’s patio and the idea began to take form, then the work started. The main focus when creating the PlanterSpeakers had been sound quality, planting space, drainage, and environmental issues. The focus still holds strong to today beyond the ten-inch woofers, four-inch midranges, one-inch soft dome tweeters, and planter hybrid.

PlanterSpeakers feature top notch construction, weatherproof materials, and high quality speakers all in one. The past models of PlanterSpeakers have all integrated astoundingly into their surroundings providing quality sound second to none such as; Flagstone, Lattice, Piermont, Sedona, and the Terra Cotta/ Granite PlanterSpeakers. Two new models are now being announced, PlanterSpeakers introduces Bedford and North Salem AZEK® models. The Bedford AZEK® and North Salem AZEK® models are variations of the Westport and Southampton lattice speakers made of cypress wood. These AZEK® planter speakers are made of the best, capped polymer and PVC performance materials available meaning they are built to last longer with hearty construction techniques along with superior stain and scratch resistance. The company’s Smart Pot® interior is great for drainage and the the planter speakers can also be fitted with 90° or 180° projection. A pair of Bedford or North Salem AZEK® planter speakers can cover an area of up to 500 sq. ft. Available in white, the Bedford and North Salem AZEK® models can also be customized and made in custom colors and sizes. The Bedford and North Salem AZEK® models, feature extraordinary PlanterSpeakers sound… The Bedford’s two-way speaker system features a 1” tweeter and a 5” HD woofer with a down firing 8" passive radiator to reinforce bass response.

Bedford Specifications: Dimensions: 18” W x 18” D x 18” H Frequency response: 55Hz to 15kHz Power handling: 50 watts RMS Impedance: 8 ohms Recommended amplifier: 60-100 watts RMS Sensitivity: 88 db Bedford Pricing: Bedford $1,649.00 pair Bedford 90° or 180° projection $2,049.00 pair Bedford 90° or 180° stereo $1,099.00 (single speaker) (Bedford Model) The North Salem’s three-way speaker system features a 1” tweeter, a 4” mid-range, and a down firing 8" HD woofer.

North Salem Specifications: Dimensions: 18” W x 18” D x 18” H Frequency response: 48Hz to 15kHz Power handling: 100 watts RMS Impedance: 4 ohms Recommended amplifier: 80-150 watts RMS (at 4 ohms) Sensitivity: 89 db North Salem Pricing: North Salem $2,899.00 pair North Salem 90° or 180° projection $3,199.00 pair North Salem 90° or 180° stereo $1,699.00 (single speaker) (North Salem Models) Bedford and North Salem AZEK® Models are PlanterSpeakers that provide a luxury outdoor sound, superior durability, and stain resistance. The designs and quality of the planters can truly be appreciated while gardening and decorating the yard, deck, pool, garden, or patio area. The audio quality brought forth from the PlanterSpeakers is viewed highly from the quality audio dealers who sell and install the products and the customers who purchase them alike. Recent albums from artists such as Radiohead, Sturgill Simpson, and Kendrick Lamar can be enjoyed. The view of a plant or flower flourishing in the planter and the sound of your favorite songs floating in the air bring a sense of relaxation and enhanced experience that should truly be cherished.

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