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Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday launches “Golf is Great” Video Sweepstakes - It's about "The Game

There is plenty to do in Myrtle Beach, but most of the year, golf takes center stage.

Now there is a contest where you can win $10,000, and a trip to Myrtle Beach.

Thanks to the Rio Olympics, some stellar play in the 2016 majors and a youth movement, golf has been the sport to watch all year, as the game and the people who play it remain great, and those are the stories Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday wants to hear. Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday has launched the “Golf is Great” video contest, an effort designed to encourage players to share their passion for the game of golf. The contest winner will receive $10,000 in cash and a free trip to Myrtle Beach, the Golf Capital of the World. MBGH is accepting entries through October 1. For more information, including how to enter, go to “Golf is the greatest of games,” said Bill Golden, president of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday. “It can be played and enjoyed with family, friends and strangers with almost equal enjoyment. Sure the business side of the game faces challenges, for a variety of reasons, but what makes the game special are its players and the passion they have, and we want to hear from them.” Here is what golfers need to know about the contest, which will determine a winner, based in part, on fan voting: Who wins? Whoever produces the best/most memorable video. What should my video be about? Completely up to you. There is no type of suggested content – though it shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes. Contestants can aim for humor, sincerity or something in between. It makes no difference. The only thing each video should reflect is the person's passion for the the game of golf. How do contestants enter? 1. Get out on the course and shoot a video up to 3 minutes long and tell people why you love the game of golf. 2. Post the video to Facebook or YouTube with the hashtag #GolfisGreat. 3. Share the link with Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday and submit your contest entry form. 4. Watch and share your "Golf is Great" video with your friends. The contest winner will be announced in November.

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