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Logitech helps viewers get over 'Olympic Fatigue'

It happens each time the Summer or Winter Olympics rolls around. Come day No. 9 or 10, what one calls Olympic Viewing Fatigue, sets in to the masses gathered on their leather couches and La-Z-Boy chairs. It's not that the Olympics all of a sudden became boring and dull, it's just Olympics overload, especially with almost 10 channels and 7000 hours of combined online and over-the-air viewing available to fans, it wears on viewers as it does on the athletes.

Thankfully Logitech is coming to the rescue and assisting those with Olympic Viewing Fatigue.

A timely received "Big Games Viewing Party Package" from Logitech, included a Logitech Harmony Elite, LIFX color-changing smart bulbs, USA-themed patriotic accessories and some snacks for the sofa. All of a sudden, cheering on the world’s best athletes has never been more fun. You can streamline your entire viewing experience with the Logitech Harmony Elite and control your TV, cable box, audio accessories, Nest thermostat, Apple TV/Roku and even show some patriotic pride with LIFX color-changing smart bulbs, all with a touch of the remote. Keep your eyes on the basketball, volleyball and track and field and never miss a second with high-end features like intuitive vibration feedback controls and motion-activated, backlit controls.

The Logitech Harmony Elite is integrated control of both home entertainment and home control devices. - Change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward, or rewind using gestures on the bright 2.4” touchscreen. - Easily find the right button, even in the dark, with motion-activated, backlit controls. - Keep your eyes on your entertainment, not your remote, with vibration feedback. - Customize the dedicated media playback, cable/satellite, and DVR controls to your preferences. - Control and adjust smart home devices with dedicated controls. - Keep Harmony Elite charged and ready with the convenient charging station.. - The replaceable battery has 20% greater capacity than previous generation Harmony remotes.

A LIFX smart bulb may prove to be the most popular item in your house.

See your home in a brand new light. Choose between millions of colors or 1000 shades of white.Control lights at home or away, schedule to turn off and on, set alarms, create custom groups and much more.With LIFX, how your bulbs connect to Wi-Fi is important, so all our technology is built right into each individual bulb - no hub or starter kit required.

The Color 1000 offers a great way to transform your home by tap into the millions of colors and whites available to personalize your environment by adding color that suit your mood and style. With LIFX, you are now in control of what light you want out of your light bulb.

Logitech will take your right through Rio's final events and the Closing Ceremonies, right into college and pro football season. See it all here.

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