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Sioeye Iris4G brings live streaming that works to an action camera

Action cameras are big on promises, but the Sioeye Iris4G actually delivers.

As we've seen once again with the Rio Olympics, posting a picture or video that was taken yesterday just isn't good enough. While it creates a personal memory for you and your family and friends, in this day, where social media carries the torch for photo enthusiasts and those that crave adventure and unique experiences, a camera that offers a "connected experience" is a must have and must be paired with a wireless network that will perform when needed. So the Sioeye Iris4G LTE action camera lets athletes and adventurers share their experiences in real-time from just about anywhere using the high-speed T-Mobile 4G LTE network. “T-Mobile’s network allows Sioeye to deliver an even more connected experience to action sports enthusiasts,” says David Abramowski, GM of Sioeye. “Now, when customers receive their Sioeye Iris4G, they can immediately go mobile and live stream their adventures from almost anywhere instantly.” First of all, this camera is a powerhouse. It's the first interactive action camera and it's easy to use. Right out of the box, the Sioeye Iris4G instantly streams live video, audio, and performance statistics while allowing users to interact with each other on the Sioeye Apps for iOS, Android and the Web. These apps should be downloaded before use as they are not only fun to experiment with, they also are game-changing in terms of personal action camera use and broadcasting.

Use your Sioeye with or without a smartphone in your hand. The all-in-one Sioeye Experience enables broadcasters to interact with their audience through the simplicity of a single touch of a button. With the addition of T-Mobile 4G LTE connectivity, broadcasters can live stream from just anywhere they are on earth. New Sioeye Iris4G customers will now receive a pre-installed T-Mobile SIM card, ready for account activation, giving them easy access to LTE data options to live stream their adventures on the go. The Sioeye Iris4G is more than just a connected action camera. With its PTCRB Wireless Device Certification you know it's going to work on compatible Carrier Networks, but what about quality? Think GoPro quality, but streaming live. Imagine the POV video you can get and the fact that people are watching in real-time. Attending live events can now be more than just a "snap" saying, "wish you were here." Streaming quality right now sits at 480p, but expect this to improve over time and remember the video is stored in the cloud at 4K. Wow! This is a camera that had a lot of thought put into it. Battery life is supposed to be just under two hours, and I got a little over an hour. This could improve as I use the camera regularly. Extra batteries are $10, so it may be good to have some extras handy. There are also accessories available for the Sioeye, so users can use in different and varied ways. The 2-inch LCD touchscreen is bright and vibrant and visible in outdoors light. it is also very responsive and responds quickly while in use. At first, the apps bogged down a little, but that seemed to change while in use for a few minutes. Play around with the different modes for 18/12/8MP still images, time-lapse videos, and slow motion captures. A camera fit for an Olympian and those that enjoy the raw action of events like the Olympics, concerts and diverse gatherings, this is the camera you need to keep close to you to get and stream whatever you may come into contact with in your life. I counted a handful of sensors that are included, but kind of under-the-radar. The altimeter and GPS proved to be accurate and useful in tagging. The unit fits nicely in your hands, weighing 3.5 oz. Dimensions are 2.5” wide (65mm) by 1.65” (42mm) tall by 1.18” (30mm) deep. The extra batteries you keep with you weigh just about nothing.

Bonus note: Sioeye Iris4G customers can self-activate their camera’s T-Mobile connectivity and, for a limited time, new customers will be able to redeem a special 5GB starter data pass at no additional cost – that’s up to 10 hours of live streaming! After the special offer expires, customers can choose from a variety of no-contract monthly T-Mobile data plans starting at $20 for 2GB of high-speed data, or one-time data passes starting at $10 per gigabyte.

See the camera's specs here. Order yours here.

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