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Last VCR to be made in July

A sad day and end of an era as the world will see its last VCR roll off the assembly line this month as the Netflix age takes over. The world’s last VCR manufacturer, Funai will make its last ever VCR this month.

The Japanese company, Funai Electric, has been making VCRs since 1983 and it used to sell over 15 million VCRs a year, but sales have been dwindling to about 750,000 per year. My question is who was buying those 750,000 VCR's?

Panasonic had stopped making VCRs in 2012. Funai was still manufacturing these machines for Sanyo in China. Sanyo used to sell them to global markets including US and other countries.

The VCR gained global popularity in the late seventies and the early eighties. DVD players, introduced in around 1997, posed first major threat to VCRs and became more popular than VCRs in 2003. In the present era of YouTube and Netflix, these machines became increasingly obsolete. Although some may even doubt if VCRs were even manufactured last year, Funai was able to sell those 750,000. People were using VCR players to play large videotape collections from the past times. I would have to think somewhere and someone will make a VCR if you want one, but it has kind of gone the way of the typewriter. Godrej and Boyce, the last company to manufacture typewriters, halted the production in 2011.

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