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Coloring Book for Me app lets adults and kids get creative

Keeping the "back to school"theme going, there is a new app that might help your kids get ready for the start of the school year and serve as a release of sorts for adults looking to get in touch with their creative side.

Coloring Book for Me, a brand new app from Apalon, was released this week for iOS. It's a digital version of popular coloring books and it's taking children and adults alike by storm, Coloring Book for Me offers a variety of specially designed images, like mandalas, flowers, and animals, that can be coloring with your fingers or an Apple Pencil.

Reports have shown that coloring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus, or bring about more mindfulness, and with the new, free Coloring Book for Me app, iOS users can tap into this mini-meditative activity at home or on the go. This app is perfect for any iOS device. “With the prevalence of technology all around us, it’s an exciting opportunity to create an app that has roots in our childhood memories,” said Egor Kunovsky, Chief Product Officer at Apalon Apps. “Coloring Book for Me is the digital extension to the popular coloring book fad for adults and we’re giving users another avenue to express themselves creatively, colorfully and with more focus.” Coloring Book for Me, available to iOS users for free in the App Store, includes several key features: Rich Coloring Collection. Users can choose from a variety of specially designed images from different categories - Mandalas, Flowers, Patterns, Animals, Kids Time, and more. Frequent Content Updates. The app is regularly updated with free pictures, so there’s always a new artwork to be created. Apple Pencil Support. It’s especially easy and fun to color with Apple Pencil on the crisp screen of iPad Pro. Wide Range of Color Palettes. There are 25+ color palettes with eight colors in each – from soft hues to dynamic primary colors. Post-Editing Effects & Quick Sharing. Users will be able to add vignetting, change photo contours, or apply textures to turn a picture into a ready-to-share work of art in a couple of taps. Warning: This is one of those addictive apps that once you start playing, you can't get enough. Free and premium versions are available in the App Store:


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