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Fashion and technology meet with 3D knitted JS Shoes

Technology has played a large role in shoes for decades, but JS Shoes has a new tech twist when it comes to shoes and it works for them and their customers.

JS Shoes are the first non-athletic 3D knitted shoe. Does that have your attention? JS Shoes brings comfort, style and technology to your next pair of casual shoes. Perfect for the active or laid back lifestyle to be won inside or outdoors, JS Shoes has hit the pavement running with their first product that makes an excellent shoe for driving, walking through the outdoor mall or even wearing around the home office.

Buy One Get One...

With JS Shoes' buy one by one strategy, consumers can purchase one custom shoe at a time to create a complete pair individualize for themselves. Price Per Unit: $49 for a single/$89 for a pair - prices vary depending on color.

The shoes are attractive, comfortable and durable.

Per JS Shoes:

The traditional shoe manufacturing processes usually involves a lot of wasted materials and natural resources. JS Shoes utilizes knitting machinery which knits in a 3-dimensional method to only produce exactly what is needed for each shoe (no waste) and ensures a safer work environment that is free of toxins for its factory employees.

JS Shoes, the world's first 3D knitted shoe line. The featherweight, formfitting, and seamless designs in both men's and women's styles can be ordered to your preferences are going to be your go-to shoe this summer and fall. Walk in comfort and be in style with shoes created with a 3D knitting process by JS Shoes.


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