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New Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racket

Roger Federer gets a co-designer credit on this frame.

The racket was designed by Federer and Wilson labs (Wilson's innovation hub) over an 18-month co-creation process.

The new 2017 Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racket has been designed with sleek, modern elements to communicate Roger Federer’s elegant playing style and boldness on the court. The racket’s look is grounded in two, high quality paints, Black Velvet and Tuxedo Black. The matte Black Velvet paint provides a smooth, soft, light-absorbing finish that has been engineered to create a “feel”, or tactile experience, for attacking players like Roger Federer. These types of finishes and paint have not been previously used in the tennis industry.

The new Wilson Pro Staff line includes the RF 97 Autograph and four other models designed for a variety of attacking players. Importantly, Roger Federer requested Wilson produce two lighter weight versions of the racket - the Pro Staff 97 LS and Pro Staff 97 ULS - in his signature black on black design specifically for young tennis players.

In addition, Wilson will introduce a line of products which have been co-designed with Roger Federer and that compliment his new Pro Staff racket design. Expect these products to debut over the next six - 18 months.

“Nearly two years ago, we set out to change the design DNA of our performance tennis rackets and elevate design to an equal level of appreciation as technology,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “In that process, we deconstructed today’s racket and reimagined every element from the inside out. With Roger’s help and insight, we removed unnecessary components and meticulously created a new look and feel for tennis rackets not seen before in the industry.”

“To be involved with any design process with a brand is exciting, however, with Wilson, it is extra special because I’ve played with a Wilson racket my whole life,” added Federer. “I remember going to the shops as a kid and pointing to the Wilson rackets, hoping my dad would buy it for me. And now, I’ve been able to help design my racket to look and feel like me. This racket is truly special and I hope it inspires every player who holds it in his or her hands.”

The MRP for the new Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is $249.00 (US). See more at

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