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Mike Ditka's new Life Extension ProstatePM product

I had the opportunity and pleasure to talk with the legendary Coach Mike Ditka last week. He was there to talk about his new Life Extension Prostate PM supplement, but we also talked football, social media, Brett Favre and Donald Trump.

Mike Ditka is the newly named the global spokesperson for Life Extension. Life Extension is a leading global authority on nutrition, health and wellness, offering a new prostate product, Mike Ditka’s ProstatePM. The product has melatonin which helps reduce nighttime frequency so you can get a good night’s rest. That’s critical because poor prostate health equals sleepless nights. Ditka sung the praises of the product in our interview... link here on the Modern Life Network: Life Extension’s supplements are the best, but they’re not a short cut to great health. They’re a tool, one of many you should use to ensure you’re as healthy as possible.

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