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WaterWipes are an all natural alternative to cotton wool and water

I promise I'm not trying to make a joke, but the wet wipes and flushable wipes market keeps getting more and more saturated. According to the Fredonia Group, industry market research analysts:

In the U.S., wipes demand will rise 3.6 percent yearly through 2018 to $2.9 billion. Disinfectant and electrostatic wipes will grow the fastest. The industrial market will outpace consumer uses based in part on a relaxed EPA rule that will help disposable wipes compete with reusable, laundered shop towels. Flushability will remain a factor in consumer and health care uses... and as the top performing wipes "flush" out the competition.

Yes, technology has come to wipes in the form of WaterWipes, a product from Edward McCloskey.

WaterWipes are an innovative, hypoallergenic wipe that uses only natural ingredients - 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

McCloskey carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. WaterWipes are the only wipes that contain absolutely no chemicals, just 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner.They don’t irritate the skin; instead, they may help avoid nappy rash and other skin conditions. WaterWipes are the only baby wipe to ever be approved by Allergy UK.Because of this, 97% of midwives believe that WaterWipes are suitable to be used on the skin of newborn babies.

“When our first daughter was born, she suffered with sensitive skin and developed bad nappy rash," says McCloskey. "I wanted to find out why, so I took a look at the ingredients in the baby wipes we were using. I was shocked to learn just how many chemicals were in them – and questioned should we be putting them on her delicate skin? I thought there had to be a better way so I set about creating a purer, natural and safe alternative. Many years later and after a lot of hard work, testing, and scientific research, the perfect baby wipes, WaterWipes were born. As pure and gentle as cotton wool and water but as convenient as a baby wipe. Every day, in every corner of the world, new mums and dads are discovering the benefits of chemical-free, gentle and safe WaterWipes for their baby’s skin, I hope you like them too.” WaterWipes are gentle on the skin and get the job done when it comes to cleaning, wiping and being a safe alternative to rags and cloth.They work and for anyone with allergies, a pack of WaterWipes should be at arm's reach.

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