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Free baseball (sports) fonts to download

Like the script and font of your favorite baseball or sports team. Maybe you are looking for a cute or sporty font as you create your next party invitation.

There is website that provides a few dozen different font you can download and use.

It's, and you can go to the baseball section and see what is available for free.

The fonts are very well done and the there are many themes available.These are great fonts to have on hand for an art project or to jazz up a website. Imagine your name in the font of your favorite baseball team.

You can even change up the size and color of your font before downloading or taking a screenshot. Many of the font styles are copyrighted, but they are all available for personal use on Fontspace. Some font designers have links where you can see or purchase more of their work. There are currently almost 30,000 different fonts on Fontspace- I didn't even know that many existed. Give it a look.


How to download and unzip a file

When you see a font you want to use, click the Download link on FontSpace and save the file to your computer. Right-click on the file (it will be a zip file) and click the "Extract To" option.

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