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ZUS Kevlar Cable offers brute strength and lifetime guarantee

It used to be that the cables that charge our camera batteries, smartphones and tablets were "throw away" items, but slowly but surely, and as we depend on these cables to keep our devices charged, they are becoming premium items. Such is the case with the ZUS Kevlar Cable, an accessory that raised over $344K on Indiegogo in 2016.

Kevlar is a Dupont synthetic fiber that is high strength used mainly as a reinforcing agent in manufacturing of tires, rubber products and protective gear such as helmets and vests. It's now being used to protect our valuable data and devices. I've been using ZUS cables for years, but they have created a monster with their new Kevlar models. A recent test conducted by renown German test lab, TÜV Rheinland, had the ZUS Kevlar cable bent over 15,000 times - that’s 50% more than some of the best charging brands Belkin and Anker, which tested to bend around 10,000 times, and it still worked. With Kevlar, the ZUS cable can be crushed or tossed around without a problem. This is a handy 90 degree plug, the ZUS Kevlar Cable is adept at fitting in narrow spaces. It also pairs perfectly with the ZUS smart car charger for on-the-road charging. Other particulars and a informational video:

- There are 3 cable options: Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-A to USB-C - The length: 1.2m / 4 ft - Don't forget about the lifetime warranty

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