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Wimbledon-themed Cookies from Eleni's Online Bakery

Cookies for "Breakfast at Wimbledon"? Sounds good to me and with the help of Eleni Gianopulos of Eleni's New York. Eleni's specializes in desserts and sweets, but it's her Wimbledon-themed cookies that have caught the attention of tennis fans.

As always, we "hit the ball out of the park" by making our cookies and cupcakes in a nut free bakery thus being able to "gain points" with everyone's palate of any age- from "junior tennis" players all the way to "umpires" get a "grip" on one of our tennis sweets and "volley" these tennis treats into yours and family, friends and friendly opponents' hands- but please don't make a "racket" and leave the "forehands" and "backhands" on the courts!

The attention to detail when it comes to these cookies is unreal. "Wimbledon Whites" when it comes to apparel and the tennis balls are cute... and delicious.

Since 1997, Eleni's New York has been a must-stop at Manhattan's iconic Chelsea Market, later followed by an expansive website, where irresistibly designed custom "Conversation Cookies TM" and other treats await for fans located around the world. Today, Eleni's custom cookie creations are a favorite of celebrities, luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies and cookie lovers alike. In addition to the Chelsea Market store and website, Eleni's signature cookies can be found in several retailers located across the U.S. and Canada, including Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel and others. Today, Eleni Gianopulos lives in Manhattan's Upper East Side with her husband of twenty years, Randall, children William & Sophia and the family's two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Chester & Lovey. Note: We are proud to state that ALL of Eleni's products are nut-free and our cookies & cupcakes are Kosher certified by the Kashruth division of the Orthodox Union (OU).

Eleni's may be honoring the tradition of Wimbledon with these cookies, but they are also harnessing the use of modern technology, with an online bakery. Check out everything Eleni's here.

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