The Straight Poop: Poopyhead game and app are addictive

If the dinner table talk around your household involves talk of No. 2, there is a new family-friendly board game that makes light of and encourages every member of the family to "talk a little poop." There is also a tech component as with the free accompanying app from the iTunes and Google Play store, play can be extended. Is there anything more funny than taking a picture of mom or dad and putting pieces of poop on their head? I think not! Gather your family or your close friends, because Poopyhead is an amazing new game of cards where winning takes “doo” diligence. Retailers say this product is "dropping" off their shelves and the app downloads can't be stopped.

Grownups sometimes say excrement, cow chips or manure but it all boils down to poop and admit it, everyone does it. So why not make a game of it? This is a game for the entire family and adults have found it to be a teaching tool for kids. The game includes five headbands (elastic bands with a brown pile resembling #2), thus the name Poopyhead, that players will eventually wear once they lose a round. Kids, parents, grandparents and especially teens were able to stop laughing just long enough to continue another round! After five rounds, the player with the most piles atop their head is the game loser.

The game itself:

All must play their cards on a pile, keeping in mind that they play the right order: Toilet - Poo - Paper - Wash your hands. Once a player cannot play a card, he immideately pushes the whoopie cushion. Now, whoever has the most cards left, will need to place a poo on his head. After 5 games, the player with the most poo on his head loses!

Game info: Players: 2-4 Kids Age: 6 and up What’s included: 5 Poopyhead headbands 1 Whoopie cushion 1 deck of 48 cards Game rules

Poopyhead is under $20, so get yours here.

Reviews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive:

Yes, I did see that the game is geared towards ages 6 and up, but although our daughter is Poop obsessed, she is also surprisingly mature for age. But seriously now, this game is FUN!

Funny game, in a weird way, almost an educational way to remind us of the process of going to the bathroom.

If you are having a bad day, need a little or a lot of laughs, or just want to have a ton of fun, the minute you put on Poopy Headbands, you'll be laughing your … errr... butt off. No joke ;) And, it comes with a Whoopi Cushion!!