Appearance on Sam Crenshaw's 92.9 The Game Weekend Show

A Saturday before the Fourth of July appearance on Sam Crenshaw's 92.9 The Game weekend show. Sam always wants to talk a little tennis and we also talk a little outdoors and grilling for those that might be manning the BBQ or grill for the 4th.

What we talked about:

1. Mini Green Egg

If you already have the Big Green Egg in the backyard, but what would he take to the lake, tailgate or on that spur of the moment camping trip? Let me introduce you to the Mini Green Egg. Bet you ddidn't even know that the Big Green Egg's corporate headquaters is right here, in Norcross.

With a grid diameter of just 10 inches, the Mini Egg is the one and only perfect solution for picnics and tailgating when you want to take The Ultimate Cooking Experience on the road. It is also a popular size for grilling on apartment balconies or camping and boating. Leave those propane canisters at home and enjoy your favorite campfire meal on a Mini Egg. At one time, the Mini Egg can cook two chicken breasts, a few burgers, a sleeve of hot dogs or one large steak. Retails for $399, see more at

2. Grillbot - No mess, no work, just a clean grill - $130 on Amazon

Grilling is awesome, but cleaning all the blackened, caked-on food goo afterward? Not so much. Fortunately, we live in a time where where robots can perform most of the menial tasks we hate doing, and much like vacuuming and cleaning the gutters, grill maintenance can now be performed by a robotic slave. Just pop this little bugger on top of the grates when you’re done cooking, and he’ll go to work picking up all the baked-on burger bits you left behind.

3. Thermacall Mosquito Lanterns and Torches

The Thermacell lantern is odorless and runs on a single butane cartridge that heats a repellent mat and releases allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of the natural repellent found in those chrysanthemum flowers. The high energy butane lasts 30 times longer than the energy of alkaline batteries. The lantern creates a 15ft.x15ft. invisible protection cell or covers a 225-square feet area up to four hours per mat or 12 hours for a refill kit. The lantern is prefect to use in not only the home area for grilling and gardening but also in the great outdoors for camping, hunting, and fishing. Users enjoy that it is deemed safe by the EPA but that it is the exact product used by the U.S. Army in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. The Themacell Mosquito Lantern is cordless, small, lightweight, and fits snuggly into a small bag or backpack of any size and ideal to take when you are on the go. The repellent mats are also easy to transport and replace. The lantern is an ideal and effective alternative to the smelly and sticky lotions and sprays that must continuously be applied to the skin. It provides up to 50 times more protection than mosquito coils or citronella candles, and is safer and cleaner than candles; no open flames. The torches accent your patio and backyard nicely. 4. REKS Sunglasses - protect your eyes Whether dad hikes, bikes, plays golf or just mows the lawn, he needs to protect his eyes. REKS is a new sunglass brand that is affordable and offers unprecedented durability when it comes to sun eyewear. REKS offers six unbreakable classic frame styles to go along with a broad array of proprietary highest grade shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses and performance coatings only found in the most expensive eyewear, REKS™ Optics has broken all the rules and created a new benchmark in form, function and affordability. Priced from $30-$60, REKS™ Optics sunglasses can be purchased at Priced to be collected and designed to outlast every adventure, REKS™ Optics takes the angst out of enjoying high quality sunglasses for fear of them breaking. The sunglasses industry finally has a bold new player that changes the game in terms of quality, price, features, performance and style that dad will love.