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2 out of 3 Americans to grill on 4th of July

Fire up the grill!

Ahead of America's 246th birthday on Monday, July 4th, 2022, Grill Masters Club and BBQGuys surveyed entrants to its Master the Grill Giveaway: "How do you plan to celebrate Independence Day this year?"

Of the 8,650 total survey respondents, a whopping 67% indicated they plan to celebrate with a barbecue and grilling. Fireworks was the second most popular celebration activity with 25%, followed by picnic 19%, attend a parade/community celebration 17%, travel/vacation 11%, camping 8%, with only 3% of respondents indicating they do not plan to celebrate. (Respondents were allowed to select all activities that apply.)

How do you plan to celebrate Independence Day this year?

BBQ/Grill - 67 %(5,758)

Fireworks - 25 %(2,178)

Picnic - 19 %(1,636)

Attend a parade/community celebration - 17 %(1,456)

Travel/vacation - 11 %(974)

Camping - 8 %(720)

Don't plan to celebrate - 3 %(255)


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